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Cheryl Fallon
Cheryl Fallon, Interior Design
Category: Home Improvement
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How do i fix the chain on my vertical blinds so that ...

Customer Question

How do i fix the chain on my vertical blinds so that they will open and close, they still pull side to side. The chain has come off.
Submitted: 11 years ago.
Category: Home Improvement
Expert:  Cheryl Fallon replied 11 years ago.
Unfortunately, there is no easy way. It would be easier for you to just purchase a new headrail for the blinds, and re-use the vanes that you have if they are still in good condition. Most blind manufacturers use a different system now-a-days; it's a wand twist the wand one way or the other to turn the vanes open and closed, and the wand is also used for pulling and pushing the blinds themselves back and forth across the window on the track.

Lowe's and Home Depot sell headrails separately, and they will custom cut them to the correct length for you while you wait. Remove the vanes from your headrail (be careful - the little plastic clips break really easily, especially if they've been hanging there awhile)and then remove the headrail from the metal clips that are attached to the wall. The headrail should "snap" out if you apply some pressure and twist it upward, toward the ceiling. If the headrail is not too long, it's a good idea to take it with you to the store to ensure that they cut the new one exactly the same length. This is especially important if your headrail is an INSIDE mount (mounted on the inside of the window frame) because even if it's off just 1/4", that's enough to prevent it from fitting! If the headrail is too long to take with you, then simply measure the head rail end-to-end once you have it off the clips and on the floor.

Also, you must make sure that the holes at the top of the vanes that the little plastic clips fasten to on the track are EXACTLY the same size AND shape as the clips on the new headrail. Otherwise, the clips won't hold the vanes securely and they'll keep falling off! Unfortunately, those holes at the top of the vanes can vary in shape and size from one manufacturer to another (they do that just to frustrate we consumers!)

Make sure the salesperson who cuts the headrail for you double checks their measurement AFTER they cut it. Have them SHOW you. The blind machines go out of calibration more often than they should, and there's nothing as frustrating as getting the headrail all the way home just to find out that it's either a little too long, or a little too short!

Hope this helps. Good luck.