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Removing congoleum

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How can I remove a congoleum kitchen floor that covers a concrete slab?
I have done this before, so I definately speak from experience. Removing congoleum from a concrete floor is simple, but not an easy task. Go to your nearest power tool rental establishment and rent a power linoleum scraper. It is a heavy machine on wheels and about the size of a carpet cleaner. It has a sharp blade that sticks out in front and the machine vibrates the blade back and forth. As you place the blade under the flooring it separates the linoleum from the concrete and you just roll the machine forward as it cuts away the linoleum.

If you are working on a small area, I would recommend using an 1800 watt blow dryer to heat the top of the linoleum and then scraping it up with a very stiff 6" to 8" wide hand scraper.

The good news is that, depepending on what kind of flooring you are installing, you might not have to remove the old congoleum at all. If the congoleum is down flat with no curled edges, you do not have to remove it if you plan on installing carpet, ceramic tile, wood or laminate flooring.

I hope this helps you.
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