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Dr. Abid
Dr. Abid, Doctor
Category: HIV and AIDS
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I'm a 30 year old male who is not sexually active from the

Customer Question

Hi All,
I'm a 30 year old male who is not sexually active from the past 8 months. This incident happened 5 weeks ago. I met a 25 female asian escort who was also a massage therapist. When the massage started we both were topless and wearing just the underwears. I was lying on my back and she climbed on me. We kissed each other on the lips but there was no deep kissing or open mouth kissing. We hugged and rubbed against each other for 5mins. Then i stopped her and i put condom on by myself, the lady didnt touch my penis. I was not fully aroused at that time. After putting condom on, i wore my underwear back. So at this point i was wearing a condom and also an underwear and the lady was still wearing an underwear. Then we continued the same cuddling, kissing (Superficial) and rubbing against each other for 15 more mins and I ejaculated inside my condom. THERE WAS NO INTERCOURSE, NO ORAL SEX AND NO HAND TO GENITALS CONTACT AT ALL. After I ejaculated, I got scared and asked her if she ejaculated too. She said no and she is under menstruation and had a Tampon inside her vagina. She showed me her vagina and I didnt see any traces of blood outside her vagina or in the pelvis area.
Questions of concern:
1. Is it possible for a female to release vaginal fluid under menstruation and the fluid to come out despite wearing a tampon
2. Can the vaginal fluid make it's way from her underwear on to my underwear and then into my penis opening during the 5 mins period when i didnt wear a condom
3. I'm not sure about her HIV status, but assuming she is HIV+, are there any chances that I might get infected with the above mentioned contact with her
4. I had cough from past 10 days and have itchy skin rashes on my hands and legs too. The rashes are very tiny. Are these symptoms of HIV
5. Has there been any cases who got infected with simliar kind of exposure
Please answer the above questions, I'm scared to death.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: HIV and AIDS
Expert:  Dr. Abid replied 1 year ago.

Hi there ...

Thank you for your question ...

First thing even female release fluid or blood through vagina than you have no risk of HIV because , HIV virus donot live outside of the body , it is just active inside the body .

You are not risk at all , you have had no intercourse or any sex , and specially you have condom which makes the possibility of HIV nil .

Cough and itchy skin is respiratory virus not the HIV .

You are totally safe , I am again saying you are totally safe .

Good luck .

Please leave positive feedback for me .

Thanks .