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Dr. Cameron
Dr. Cameron, Other
Category: HIV and AIDS
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Experience:  Training in HIV and AIDS emergencies, Ivy League trained
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Can I get hiv by touching dried blood? considering that I

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can I get hiv by touching dried blood? considering that I have not any open wounds on my hand....
Dr. Natasha : Hello
Dr. Natasha : are you still there?
Dr. Natasha : I don't see you are online anymore


Dr. Natasha : no. If you do not have any open cuts, you cannot get HIV from touching blood
Dr. Natasha : jt cannot penetrate the skin barrier
Dr. Natasha : Did you see that

yes. so I don't need to be worried? I touched a dried wasn't was about a month ago.....should I get a dna test? I am freaking out

Dr. Natasha : Not at all
Dr. Natasha : as well HIV is a very fragile virus and does NOT survive in dried blood
Dr. Natasha : the chance of you getting HIv from this encounter is ZERO

thanks . is this valid for hepatitis c?

Dr. Natasha : Yes
Dr. Natasha : No risk of transmission of either

thank you. I went visit a friend in the hospital and he has was when I accidentaly touched a dried blood over the remote control( that was dried). he tested negative for hiv so far. but I got scared because I may have also touched some dried blood over his skin.....

Dr. Natasha : I completely understand
Dr. Natasha : I would not worry at all
Dr. Natasha : period :-)
Dr. Natasha : did I provide you with excellent service ? :-)

yes thanks

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