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TheBugDoctor, Doctor (MD)
Category: HIV and AIDS
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Experience:  I am a Board Certified Infectious Diseases physician with many years experience treating a broad range of infectious diseases.
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Dear Doctor I had oral with one female, I licked her

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Dear Doctor
I had oral sex with one female, I licked her vagina and she sucked me, also we kissed. one days after I feel severe sore throat, from my left then both side. I tested HIV 1 month 4th generation AG/AB EIA negative. strep negative mono negative WBC differential normal(all at one month post exposure.

I can't bear this ongoing online searching for HIV symptoms and HIV acute infection information. I am tired both mentally and physically. I consulted more than 10 doctors online and they said I don't have HIV but what can it be for severe sore throat and neck pain/buring for two and half month, I took high dose of antibiotic, and the symptoms went done quite a bit and it almost cured but never totally went away.Now I used up all my antibiotics. The symptoms start to coming back and I took some antibiotics again but this time it doesn't work, this ongoing sore throat just killing me.

I went to school clinic they told me no HIV concern on oral sex, one month 4th generation is extremely reassuring. They told me its viral infection but how come none of my result indicate anything abnormal? The only thing I can think about is the HIV acute infection and the window period of 3 month.

Also when I talk to doctor to have my throat cultured, they told me because I had antibiotics and it is likely that nothing will grow from it.

I don't know that to do. I know it may sound stupid but please help. Also I bought 4 ora quick test kit to test the women I had oral sex with, three times all negative. But I am worried she is on her window period, because this stage she is extremely infectious. only when I got my test result negative can I ease my mind a little bit, but the abnormal symptoms on my throat just continues I don't think it is a result from HIV panic attack.

Please help. Should I go to my school clinic or other hospital, I don't believe them anymore I want to go to emergency help, I saw my tonsil are swelling both side and I noticed some very small bubble on my mouth upper cavity, but my doctor said all is normal, I don't believe them. No more, twice they didn't point out that my tonsil is swelling. my I feel something in my throat I can't swallow neither can spit it out.

Hi there

Looks like you have posted about this issue many times already.

I have to honestly concur with the opinions you have received many times.

This would be unlikely to be HIV infection. The risk is very low from your exposure - especially i the women have tested negative as well. Fort completeness current recommendations is to repeat a 4th gen test at 4 months- but the chances of that being positive seem extremely remote


As for bacterial infections-0 you have already self treated with antibiotics that would treat syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia, causes of non-gonococcal urethritis, and strep. This is not likely a bacteria.

Could it be another virus - like EBV or CMV? Maybe- but we wouldn't do anything else therapeutically and just advise supportive care


There certainly is a degree of anxiety which is contributing to your symptoms. I would suggest an anti-anxiety medication and seeing a therapist.

Good luck


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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

yea I think the burning sensation on my back of the neck maybe a result of anxiety attack.


Thank you sir and I will consult a therapist


Good luck to you and I truly hope you feel better soon.

TheBugDoctor and other HIV and AIDS Specialists are ready to help you