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Had sex with Sex worker in Dubai, condom broke and I am not

Resolved Question:

Had sex with Sex worker in Dubai, condom broke and I am not sure how long I was exposed because I was drunk but it was longer than 5 minutes most likely. I started having symptoms about 3 days after exposure here is the timeline:
Day 3: node under left shoulder begins to swell, no pain... none productive cough starts from post nasal drip
Day 4: node under left swollen and right somewhat, severe fatigue... especially after 1 mile walk back to where I live in the heat ( 100+ F in Afghanistan ) maybe fever but did not check and joint pain. Soft stool, but not full diareha. Swollen testicles, no other signs of STD
Day 5: nodes under arm still swollen, still fatigued but feel a little better, loss of appitite but no diareha, went to docs out here, they confirmed node swelling under arm but advised it could be mental, gave me an HIV rapid test -negative - but only 5 days after not real useful. THey also confirmed post nasal drip.
Day 6: Feel better, almost healthy besides nodes still swollen under arms and a painful purplish spot on the tip of my tongue. Not open not really swollen, but some pain and discomformt. Cough continueing, no headaches, diareha, sore throat to this point. Think I had a night sweat this night.
Day 7: Swelling worse and focused under left shoulder, wrist and elbow on that arm hurt and ache, some fatigue, still have spot on tip of tongue, still coughing... went back to docs they checked me out again, advised I didnt show any signs of another STD, could have some kind of infection... they do not have RNA test available out here, they checked my blood in the lab and my White Blood Cell count was 11.4. I showed them spot on tongue, they didnt seem to concerned... showed them my body but couldnt see any rash at that time. I also showed them 2 spots that are small grape like purple buldges or sacks... on under my arm and one in the middle of my chest. They were not concerned. They perscribed my Azithormycin for 6 days on top of the Doxicycline that I take for anti-malayria. Advised to come back in a few weeks to check on the rapid test again.
Day 8: started taking new antibiotics today. Had normal stool this morning, right arm still swollen, then after lunch I had a full blown diareha attack and stomach pains... this sent me into total panic and I went back to my room where I noticed the blotchy rred skin again on my torso and upper arms. This is today, no diareha since but my stomach feels a little crampy. Both nodes are very swollen under my arms but no place else, still coughing, still have tongue discomfort. No sore throat yet, no headaches yet.
I am thinking about going home to get medical attention, mainly a RNA test to look for viral load. I am conviced I have HIV at this point and dont want to wait a month if I do so I can get treatment asap because I want to live. I am so scared, this has been the worst week in my life. Please give me real advice on my symptoms... I need to make a decision on whether or not to leave here or wait a month to go home.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: HIV and AIDS
Expert:  imdr06 replied 6 years ago.


The rash and diarrhea could be secondary to the Azithromycin. Your presentation seems too soon for acute HIV seroconversion, usually it occurs 2-3weeks after. I am surprised the doctors didn't give you PEP if you were within the 72 hour time frame. Acte HIV should also present with enlarged lymph nodes throughout the body, not just under the arms. And the purple discoloration does not necessarily mean HIV either. If possible, please upload a picture of your tongue.

I do not think you need to go home right away but if it will make your mind feel at ease then I don't object either.

Dr. Sciberras,

HIV Specialist

imdr06 and other HIV and AIDS Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 6 years ago.


I am leaving afghanistan tomorrow... I am on a military base and the military staff that has seen me are nurses, I have not seen a doctor... Last night I woke up 2x's wet with sweat, I even made my AC cooler to prevent getting hot. I also have a small purple spot on the roof of my mouth that is painful to the touch and 2 redish brown spots on my cheek, but they are right were I may have bit my cheek. I am very confused, if I put my symptoms into google... it comes up early symptoms of HIV, but i have had no sore throat, no head aches, no fevers that I know of and no consitant diahrea ( by the way I have also been slamming Vitamin C ). When I lay down at night my arm pits swell worse. I am trying to upload a pic of my tongue, it is on the tip slightly purple, less than a quater inch in size and slightly swollen bump painful to the touch. I also have very dry mouth. I have had some minor pain swollowing food yesterday on one side of my throat, could be irritated from drip and constant coughing. I am planning as though I have HIV, the symptoms are to strange and seem to fit the bill.

Expert:  imdr06 replied 6 years ago.
Again, I do not believe this is HIV. The symptoms are not consistent with HIV and the presentation is too soon. However, you do need to find out what is going on. Perhaps you have sleeping sickness.
Best of luck,
Dr. Sciberras