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How do I remove the glow plugs on a Kubota v3307 diesel

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How do I remove the glow plugs on a Kubota v3307 diesel engine?

Hi I’m Steve and I am a technician here on Just Answer and I hope you are having a great day, and will do my very best to get you back up and running as soon as possible and will answer any questions you may have . You will be prompted to accept a phone service, I personally do not offer this but you are welcome to take this and I or another technician will call . I am sorry that you are having issues and I know that this can be frustrating. Please understand that I am here to help. I have scattered availability during the day in the week but I am available most weekends. I am a user of this site just like you and use it on my spare time away from work and family to help people like yourself out.

On your question. The glow plugs go into the head right near the injectors. The glow plugs have 2 different set ups on these engines. One is a buss bar that attaches all the glow plugs together and has the supply lead connected to one of them. The other is wired to each one in series. You need to remove the buss bar and wiring from them. Then it simply takes a deep well socket to remove them just like a spark plug. Then reverse order to install them. Please let me know if you have any follow up questions on this. Thank you.

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