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I have a Deutz 1101F 3 cylinder diesel engine that had a

Customer Question

I have a Deutz 1101F 3 cylinder diesel engine that had a fuel leak from the center of the injector pump. Spoke to Deutz parts department on phone looking for fix, no breakout of the pump for parts. they wanted to sell me an injector pump. Asked for engine s/n and pump part #. Engine is in a ditch witch trencher on my farm 200 miles away. Made several trips looking for numbers etc. Finally just removed the leaking #1 injector pump and brought home. Scrapped paint and finally found injector pump #. Put back on engine, cranked but did not start. Later read that I need to bleed the injector lines, also about bent trottle plate to injectors. Going to farm in a few days and want to understand how the throttle plate? drives the injectors, what I should look for if bleeding does not work, electric shutoff valve, etc. need someone who knows this engine so I can get detailed answers. Duetz engine manual is of very little help.
Any Duetz mechanics available?
Submitted: 8 months ago.
Category: Heavy Equipment
Expert:  Curtis B. replied 8 months ago.

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Expert:  Curtis B. replied 8 months ago.

Each injector pump mates a rack, that connects each injector pump to the governor. They have timing marks on each pump and on the rack that has to match. All have to be on the same mark, or one will send too much or too little fuel to the injector nozzle. Rack will be in no fuel position with engine off and moves to run position when the fuel solenoid moves when key is turned on. To bleed the lines, just loosen the line at each injector nozzle and crank until fuel squirts out, not just dribbling.