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Curtis B.
Curtis B., service manager
Category: Heavy Equipment
Satisfied Customers: 28889
Experience:  30 years exp. with diesel engines, heavy equipment and forklifts, including lp forklifts
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i have a bobcat 843 what is the middle foot pedal for

Customer Question

i have a bobcat 843 what is the middle foot pedal for
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Heavy Equipment
Expert:  Curtis B. replied 4 years ago.

curtis b :

Welcome to JUST ANSWER heavy equipment. With years of experience, I look forward to doing my best to help.

curtis b :

Center pedal is for auxiliary valve if so equipped. Used for clamp attachment or auger or similar attachment You may or may not have the third valve, just the pedal.

curtis b :

Usually if you have the third valve it has pipes running to the front with disconnects or plugged off. Or you can look at the control valve for the third spool.

JACUSTOMER-qpsnb6c3- : I do have a clamp buchet that works off of joystick there doesnot seem to be any change when the fooi petal is useed I have a backhoe setup that I want to use properly
curtis b :

If you have joystick, the middle pedal is likely not attached to anything. Check to see if the linkage is even there.

JACUSTOMER-qpsnb6c3- : There is linkage conected
curtis b :

How many auxiliary hoses do you have out front? Two or four?

JACUSTOMER-qpsnb6c3- : two
curtis b :

So you only have three spool valve, You are already using the auxiliary for the clamp/

JACUSTOMER-qpsnb6c3- : With the joystick
curtis b :

yes, are you using the auxiliary connections on the clamp?

JACUSTOMER-qpsnb6c3- : Yes
Expert:  Curtis B. replied 4 years ago.
I think if you follow the linkage on the middle pedal , you will find it is not working anything. The linkage will be unhooked at the control valve