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Cummins 8.3L ISC 330 hp engine

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how much does it cost for an answer

ok- I paid $28 via paypal

is anybody there?

I thought this was a chat line system

I have a

SpartanMountain Master Chassis

Cummins 8.3L ISC 330 hp engine

Chassis number 55689

getting code:

SPN 111 FMi1

mid 128 engine

PTD 111 FmI 1


what does that mean?


if it means the coolant level sensor is detecting a low coolant level where is the sensor - it must be bad?

Hello , my name is Joe

I apologize for any confusion , I see your question is in the "Q & A " format.

Cummins Fault Code: 235
PID: P 111
SPN: 111
FMI: 1

Coolant level signal at pin 27 and pin 37 of the engine harness indicates coolant level is low.

Power and/or speed derates and possible engine shutdown if engine protection shutdown feature is enabled.

The coolant level sensor monitors the coolant level within the coolant system and passes information to the electronic control module (ECM) through the engine harness. Because this sensor is complex, do not use a multimeter to check it. If the radiator coolant level drops below a certain level, a progressive power and/or speed derate will occur. Engine can, perhaps, shut down if the engine protection shutdown feature is enabled.
The coolant level sensor is located in the radiator top tank or surge tank.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

please verify that the error is coolant sensor related

the engine is running between 200-212 degrees f

sounds high to me

The fault code indicates low coolant level , meaning that the engine may be low on coolant.

The coolant sensor will be in the top radiator tank , or in the side of the "coolant overflow" tank.

The coolant temp. is a little high , Make sure the radiator fins are clean and inspect the lower radiator to make sure the fins are not coming apart.

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