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2006 Freightliner detroit 14.0 EGR engine. Truck

Customer Question

2006 Freightliner CL120 with a detroit 14.0 EGR engine. Truck came in smoking white and losing power. Changed EGR Valve AND PLUG, changed turbo. Truck will not go over 1600 rpm, has codes as of 2 hours ago inactive for Flas Code 44,83,83,44,49,51,39. Truck has an ultrashift transmission and will not even shift into 3rd gear automatically.


update: took air hose off cold side and changed intake boost sensor and truck runs over 1500rpm no problem, but lots and lots of black smoke clears after few seconds of mashing the accelerator down, doesnt isnt sputtering 

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Heavy Equipment
Expert:  Clayton replied 4 years ago.
Hi, Welcome to Just Answer, I am Clayton. I can help you with this.

White smoke is air in the fuel, or low fuel pressure. Check your fuel pressure at the fuel temp sensor on the fuel pump, remove the fuel temp sensor, install your pressure gauge, check it at idle, and wide open throttle. Let me know what it is. Leave the sensor plugged in, and just ziptie it up so you can do your test drive

Then drive it, put it under a load, and tell me what the fuel pressure is under a load.

With the intake hose removed, it will blow black smoke because you are not getting any boost.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

sorry, black smoke... all of a sudden again it wont go over 1500-1600 rpm... changed delta p, turbo, egr valve, v-pod... really strange problem. ran strong and hard after we changed the boost sensor but smoked lots of black again and then changed delta p and no smoke but no longer over 1500-1600 rpm...

Expert:  Clayton replied 4 years ago.
Pressure up the entire intake system, including the charge air cooler, could have a cracked intake manifold, hole in a intake boot, or a hole in the charge air cooler.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

no leaks, truck had an inframe 30k miles ago, figured out the rpm problem (egr valve plug wires were crossed) now only problem is any time u hard accelerate you get a good 3 seconds of black smoke then it clears if u let off accelerator then mash again same thing, as many times as u do it


newest recent codes are both for TCI Temp

Expert:  Clayton replied 4 years ago.
You might check the air filter, or you could have an injector that might be slightly over fueling, or you still have a leak in the air system somewhere.