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wobble..One end of the bolt must be hidden inside the pan of the head.

Customer Question

Have a NH 489 Haybine and the wobble box has one bolt head broken off, the rest of the bolt remains in the bolt hole. It is the lower back bolt. One end of the bolt must be hidden inside the pan of the head. I would think I need to drill out that old bolt and hope to ease it out. What is the correct approach to fixing this problem. Drop the whole head or remove the wobble box and hope there is enough room, cut a hole in the pan, it does not appear to be accessible. Am i missing something. i think 23 dollars is a bit steep for general guidance ( drop head or remove wobble box ) but you have the magic trick easily worth it.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Heavy Equipment
Expert:  JBfixer replied 5 years ago.
Hello, and thank you for using Just Answer.
If the bolt is visible in the hole, just flush with the housing, I would suggest laying a washer over the hole that has a hole in it that is about the same size of the bolt, then ground to the washer(be sure to dis-connect your batteries or you risk popping a computer)and weld the washer to the end of the bolt. Next, grind the weld, just a little bit, and weld a nut onto the washer you just welded on. Now take a wrench, and work the nut, loosen ans tighten(sometimes its best to let the item sit for a few minutes to cool off or the weld just twists off like butter). The nut and/or washer may break off a few times, just repeat until you get the bolt to free.
If it were me doing this I would do whatever has to be done to get the wobble box up onto a bench to make it easier to do the welding. I don't personally like the drilling idea as the threads can get messed up, where with the welding, you accomplish 2 things, one, you heat only the bolt(this breaks any rust loose)and 2, you have a way of getting a hold of the bolt.