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Daniel Wilson
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I have a Detroit Diesel 60 Series engine

Resolved Question:

I have a Detroit Diesel 60 Series engine that will not do a parked regen and the DPF light is flashing! What can I do?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Heavy Equipment
Expert:  Daniel Wilson replied 5 years ago.

HeavyEquipmentTech :

Hi My name isXXXXX will try to help you. Bear with me a moment as I get you a PDF file that will most likely answer your questions.

Customer: Ok, waiting
HeavyEquipmentTech :


HeavyEquipmentTech : Copy and paste this link in your browser....

Customer: Ok,so I am to go to that site for my answer?
HeavyEquipmentTech :

I will stand by while you look over the information and answer any further questions you may have..... I is possible you might have a bad sensor....

Customer: Well I have that info in the truck when purchased new, the problem is I can't get it to do a regen. The last successful regen was 11 hrs ago in Beloit Wi, followed instructions and it did the regen. Before that about 11 hrs walker we were at Detroit shop because it wouldn't do a manual regen, the hooked computer to it did a regen and down loaded other software
HeavyEquipmentTech :

So this is not the first time with this problem

HeavyEquipmentTech :

Is this the first attempt since the re flashing of software?

Customer: After software update, one successful man regen 11 hrs ago, about 1 hr ago light came back on, it's is now flashing,but will not do a parked man regen
HeavyEquipmentTech :

Ok. Here is a troubleshooting guide in PDF format.

HeavyEquipmentTech :

Start at page 7. Itl walk you through all the possible problems

HeavyEquipmentTech :

Let me know if you need further assistance. I figured this would be the best way to get you the detailed information you were looking for. I hope this helps. Thanks for using JA

Customer: Ok- looking at it now- will let you know!
Customer: After reading the info- sounds like I need to head to a shop about 50 miles away. For diagnosing I need a computer to check stuff.
Customer: I guess I was thinking I would be told what I could try to do to help not receive websites to read then find out I should head to a shop because I don't have the equipment to diagnose my problem.
HeavyEquipmentTech :

You could try changing your sensors but without testing them you would only be guessing for parts

HeavyEquipmentTech :

Check your wiring to make sure there is nothing that is obvious like broken wiring, etc

HeavyEquipmentTech :

Beyond that theyre is no way to check this system properly with out the software and is why I passed along the detailed information I did.. Thanks for using JA

Customer: Sounds like the answer is- I need a shop.
HeavyEquipmentTech :

Yes, you are correct. If you are satisfied with the information I have provided please click accept or I will not receive credit for assisting you. Thanks for using JA

Customer: Well I guess the assistance you gave me was confirming that I needed to head to a shop- is there a discount? I think I was offered $48 on my initial request.
HeavyEquipmentTech :

The experts on the site get a portion of the total and the site gets the rest. Customer service will be able to take care of that for you. If you want to accept my answers I can send it in for a 50% credit if you would like.

Customer: Yes I would accept a 50% credit- thank you!
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