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2000 kenworth W-900 with a C-15 Cat...jakes do not work and cruise.

Customer Question

I have a 2000 Kenworth W-900 with a C-15 Cat. This truck I bought a month ago and now I'm having problems with the Smart Wheel. Jakes do not work and cruise. Horn or any light switch. I have power into the wheel. The black box in the dash has power at the fuse. I'm looking for any ideas.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Heavy Equipment
Expert:  Daniel Wilson replied 5 years ago.

HeavyEquipmentTech :

Hi, Thanks for using JA. My name is Dan. Ill try my best to answer your questions with the information you provided. Do you have a digital multi meter? If so, Disconnect any power to your smart wheel, turn the digital meter on to OHM's and check continuity of each of the switches and functions of your smart wheel . I would also check all the contacts in the harness through your column. To assist you with this, I recommend obtaining a parts breakdown and wiring schematic for your smart wheel from your local dealer. Sounds like you might have some broken/ worn contacts within your column @ the base of your steering wheel. I hope this helps. I would need the serial number of your truck to assist you further. If you are satisfied with my answer so far, please click accept.

Customer : I will get the info you are requesting as I need answers and the past couple times I've used the site, I haven't received what I feel is a solution. I will need to get a breakdown of the wires into the VIP " black box " and also how to check the box. I did replace the diode board in the wheel but nothing changed.
Expert:  Daniel Wilson replied 5 years ago.
Be sure your brake switch and your clutch switch are ok. Also, check your grounds. Once you obtain your schematic, it will be easier to identify these wires to check. If you have trouble obtaining a wiring diagram, I would need the last 8 of your VIN to get that information. If you need assistance going over the schematic let me know. Ill be happy to assist you. Thanks for using JA.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
VIN # XR817357. Brake and clutch switch have been tested. Light switches and cruise does not work either. Checked fuse in VIP box also. If I disconnect wires head lights won't work telling me box is working on that side. Very lost here.
Expert:  Daniel Wilson replied 5 years ago.
I will look into this further tomorrow. As soon as I have some information for you I will be in contact.
Expert:  Daniel Wilson replied 5 years ago.
Hi, Seems this site has been having some temporary difficulties the last two days. Anyway, after further research I found some information that should be useful. There is not really a schematic for the smart wheel according to KW. You should only have 3 main wires to the smart wheel. A power wire, reference(Signal)wire, and a ground wire. If you have tested your power (Must have 12V!!!) and your ground and both are good using a digital Volt/OHM meter, then check the voltage from the signal wire with your meter while operating the switches. Each switch will send a different volt reading to the module telling it which function(switch) is being activated. If your system passes these tests then check your "Clock Spring Contacts" under the steering wheel as there could be a worn or bent tab breaking continuity to your wheel. These contacts allow the steering wheel to turn while maintaining electrical contact to and from your smart wheel. I hope this helps. If you are satisfied with my answer please click accept. Positive feedback/bonuses are always appreciated. Thank you for using JA.