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2007 International 4300 truck DT466 won't start

Resolved Question:

2007 International 4300 truck DT466 with intermittent no start. Our drivers had been complaining that it's hard to start, long cranking and stalling in the past. We have been sent to local dealer to re-program ECU, replaced high pressure oil/fuel pump assembly, updated PRV wiring.....etc.

Last week the truck was towed into shop with starter problem. This is the 2nd starter in 6 months. And also replaced fuel filer,
pressure regulator valve which at the bottom of filter housing.
Today it on the hook again. as usual it start easy in the shop, but this time the amber engine light on dash is on, "warn Engine" message is on odometer display.

From a scan tool found 3 codes :
94 fuel delivery pressure
164 injector control pressure
and 254 Controler #1

Code 94 & 164 always found in the past, 254 only this time....?
By counting the amber engine light codes are:124, 324 & 221
And on Odometer display, shows 3 faults they are: (1) 150 2 (2) 241 254 (3) 4 240
2023_14P 639_14P 639_14P

No ideas what these numbers are? where do I begin? please, help!

Vehicle info: 2007 International 4300 DT466
VIN #1HTMMAAR07H402737
Mileage:181696 km

Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Heavy Equipment
Expert:  SuperDave replied 5 years ago.

All of your problem could be caused by a faulty ICP sensor.Injector control pressure sensor.One of the codes you have is for the ICP low.If the ICP sensor reading drops below 500psi the injectors we not actuate.The ICP monitors the high pressure oil.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hi David,

Thank-you for your help, Can you tell me where about ICP sensor located on this motor.(7.8 L eng. ) and how to reset the amber engine light on the dash. ( I did try disconnect battery terminal for couple minutes, didn't work.)

what about control #1 where ?

Thank -You

Expert:  SuperDave replied 5 years ago.

These are the last 5 claims on your truck under warranty.Have you had this same problem before?

0098821A11/24/2008 HARBOUR INT'L TRUCKS LTD
- In Warranty
0097223A06/30/2008 HARBOUR INT'L TRUCKS LTD
- In Warranty
0096576A05/06/2008 HARBOUR INT'L TRUCKS LTD
- In Warranty
0096576B05/06/2008 HARBOUR INT'L TRUCKS LTD
- In Warranty
0095260A01/18/2008 HARBOUR INT'L TRUCKS LTD
- In Warranty
Expert:  SuperDave replied 5 years ago.
What scanner or program are you using to check codes?You can only can only clear the codes with ServiceMaxx or a compatible scanner.
Expert:  SuperDave replied 5 years ago.
I have done a little research and found that your problem could be the no start could be caused by the fuel return check valve. It is suppose to open when there is a certain amount of pressure to send the fuel back to the tank, but if it is stuck open you get no pressure for the injectors. I'm told even when its just going bad, as long as the injector pressure is affected, this can cause many problems.
Expert:  SuperDave replied 5 years ago.

Engine Won't Start With Low Injection Control Pressure (ICP) DT 466 and 570 I6 Engines
Applies To:
International I-6 HEUI engines 1994 - Present


When diagnosing a no or low ICP and no start complaint check that the high-pressure oil pump reservoir contains oil by removing the engine oil temperature (EOT) sensor. If no oil is present, check base engine oil pressure while cranking the engine. The engine does not need much base oil pressure to supply the high-pressure oil pump reservoir. Any pressure reading should supply enough oil for the high-pressure oil pump.

If the high-pressure oil pump reservoir is full, dead-head the high-pressure oil pump following the service/diagnostic manuals. An engine with a serial number of 2,000,000 and up should make 4000psi+ while prior engines should make 3000psi+. If the pump doesnt make the ICP described, put 12 volts & ground directly to the Injection Pressure Regulator (IPR) valve and retest. If it still will not make 3000/4000psi, or if the pressure is very erratic, the high-pressure oil pump will need to be replaced.

If the pump makes good pressure when dead-headed, connect it back to the engine, remove the valve cover and look for ICP leaks while cranking the engine.

Expert:  SuperDave replied 5 years ago.
Misfire, rough idle and poor performance on 2004 - 2007 466 and 570
Applies To:
2004- 2009 EGR MaxxForce DT 9 and10
DESCRIPTION Misfire, rough idle and low power can be caused by combustion gases in the fuel system.


  • Low power on acceleration
  • Misfire or rough running at idle
  • Hard starting at times
  • Aerated fuel


1. Remove the fuel filter and cap.

2. Fill the filter housing up with clean fresh diesel fuel up past the stand pipe.

3. Disconnect the IPR valve.

4. Have another tech crank the engine over.

5. Look for air bubbles coming up in the fuel filter housing.

6. If there are no bubbles coming up, then there are no combustion gases present.

7. If there are bubbles coming up, remove the injectors and inspect the compression seals for damage.

8. This is what you can expect to see if there are combustion gases in the fuel system


. The two to the left have lots of carbon on the base of the injector body, they can be cleaned up with a nylon brush.

10. Inspect the injector cups for damage or debris.


  • After cleaning the injectors install new o-rings.
  • Be sure to clean out any oil that has filled the injector hold down clamp bolt hole!
  • If the hold down bolt holes are not cleaned, the injector hold down clamp will not be torque properly.
  • The injector will not seat all the way down and can cause this issue all over again.
  • If you have followed these steps and still have combustion gases in the fuel system open a case file with Tech Central.
  • Be sure to follow the Engine Service Manuals below when installing these injectors.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hi David:

We 're using OTC heavy duty scan tool to read codes, able to clear code.

I don't know why I can't reset the code on this truck, or codes may be cleared just come back right away?

Also I need to mention once the engine start, it runs good, no hesitation or misfire.

has a lot of power on uphill, ? that I personally think injection system may be O.K.

Any way I will follow you guide line to check injection system tomorrow.

Is very coment failure on high pressure oil/ fuel pump in this truck,, It is the second or may be third pump we been put in.

Expert:  SuperDave replied 5 years ago.
let me know what you find , and if you need any more help let me know.
SuperDave and other Heavy Equipment Specialists are ready to help you