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Dan C.
Dan C., Mechanic
Category: Heavy Equipment
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Experience:  Master Mechanic for 12 years with Volvo dealership.
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3.2L..holland..I pulled injection pump and need to time to 29 degrees

Customer Question

I have a 3.2L or 332t / jc New holland engine.I pulled injection pump and need to time to 29 degrees. I do not see any timimg marks....Please help. Thanks Mark
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Heavy Equipment
Expert:  Dan C. replied 6 years ago.

Dan C. : Hello, I would like to try and answer your question for you. What machine did this engine go to? I have some manuals from late 90's that may have the same motor. I can take a look if it a skid steer, or farm tractor.
JACUSTOMER-sz3d0vxy- :

The Tractor is a New Holland 545D. I down loaded a book. I Have been a Diesel Mechanic for 30 years ( truck). The timing say 29 degrees. The book only talks about lining up 3 cyl marks on timing gear and with pump in lock position,tighten pump drive nut. This makes no sense to me! I see no timing marks on engine. I would like to have pump locked up.turn engine to 29 degrees then lock up timing grear...this would make more sense.

Dan C. :

It makes sense, I just need to see the 3cyl marks they are refering to, let me see if I have that book at home. Give me a couple of hours to check. thanks Dan

Dan C. : My book shows the mark alignment with the camshaft mark. You would set the three onto that mark, then the pump is suppose to have a dowel pin that woul align itself onto the gear. The pump housing would have a hash mark on the mounting flange to coincide with the degree marks stamped in the block. Is that the same info you have?
Dan C. : Did you align any marks before removing the pump? I checked a 555c book and it shows the same procedure. I will opt out to see if another tech might be able to assist you.
JACUSTOMER-sz3d0vxy- :

We got the engine running.This engine has no timing marks or dowl pins or key way for pump timing gears. You set timing gear on #3 cyl. with the pump pinned (like a old Cat pump)We then tighten front nut to lock pump timing in place.Then unpin injection pump.I hate this but is only way that the service manual gives the info.I would have liked to have degree marks to set a perfect timing. This seems very sloppy to me. I was taught that you can only be 1 degree off. The engine runs good now...Thanks for your help.

Dan C. : Great glad it worked out for you. Have a good night. Dan