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Category: Heavy Equipment
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07 maxforce 466 what does code SPN 164 FMI 1 OC 0 SA 0

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07 maxforce 466 what does code SPN 164 FMI 1 OC 0 SA 0
The fault code is for " ICP unable to build during engine crank" IF you have a no start condition , you will have to monitor icp psi while crank and icp desired, you could have a failed IPR valve , bad high psi oil pump, or a leak under the valve cover. We have had several of all the listed failures, if your psi while cranking is is lower than 100 psi, you can apply shop air to under valve cover and see if you will get over 100 psi. If it reads around 120 that will mean you have a ipr or pump problem. Do not put a psi gauge on the pump unless you have a 5000 psi gauge. If you do remove the ipr valve and the inlet screen is blown out , the pump is coming apart and will need to be replaced.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
The truck was going down the road at 60 mph and shutdown like it ran out of fuel. Does that sound more like the IPR valve?

Could be , but you will need to inspect the valve , pumps are known to come apart, are you able to monitor icp at all, how much are you getting while cranking

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Customer is going to tow to shop, the information you gave me helped on their decision. Thank you.
Your better off getting it to the shop , glad to help.