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Allis..tractor..about 20 minutes,all forward/reverse movement stops

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I have a 7040 allis chalmers tractor. the problem i have is when istart it ,it runs for about 20 minutes,all forward/reverse movement stops.all hydraulic oil is pumped from power director to rearend reservoir, After it sets awhile the oil drains back to power director reservoir



This is a common problem in almost all the allis tractors with the hydraulic power director. The bad news is that you are needing the power director rebuilt. This requires a rear split of the tractor. The clutches and seals are not terribly expensive for these but if any of the hard parts are damaged they tend to be VERY expensive. I strongly suggest not operating the tractor at all other than to load on a trailer until this fixed. Every time you run it till it stops is running this unit out of oil and damaging the power director further.


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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks for your answer. Is it possible to redirect the oil being pumped into the rearend back into the power director reservoir to keep this thing going for another couple weeks as it is not worth what it will take to fix it? I'm wondering if there's some way to plumb a line from somewhere in the system back into the reservoir? I know I'm grasping at straws, but it seems like it might be possible! I appreciate your input on this. Thanks again, Wayne.

You can place pipe fittings in place of the drain plugs(front and rear) and connect them with some plastic hose. then refill the system. I would use a minimum 1" hose to connect the two. This should get you by for quite a while until the power director clutches completely fail(may last a long time). Keep in mind that this hose will be vulnerable to being caught on debris underneath the tractor and will cause you to loose all your hydraulic oil rapidly, but operationally it should work fine.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Benjy,Many thanks for your help. We'll act on your advice,and will contact you later if we need more info.