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john deere tractor that the 3 point hitch goes..levers

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i have a john deere tractor that the 3 point hitch goes up when you start it up but can't get it to go down again. i have to turn it off for it to bleed down . i can't get it down with the levers. is there a check valve underneath the seat. do i have to unbold anything. can i get a hydraulic manual to repair it.

ebnel :

Hello and Thank You for selecting Just Answer,Get back with me if you need more help after reading my answer. With control lever in down position,Your three point arms should go down when you loosen Rate of drop screw below seat,Item# XXXXX in photo. If your hear oil flowing or hiss, oil spraying inside housing when viewing through hyd. oil filler port, our rockshaft valve would need to be rebuild, these tractors are know for blowing out o-rings on valve assembly.

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i pulled # XXXXX in photo out of the housing and a ball shot out with oil. i found the ball but nothing else. i need to know where the ball goes under # XXXXX and was there a spring under the ball? i would like to have an internal schematic of how to fix it.

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The ball is only item in that port, return oil from arms raise ball of seat, this only controls rate or drop for three points. Screwed all way down limit's or shuts off drop, further #8 is turned out increases rate of arm drop.
At this point you will need to remove rockshaft housing, flip housing over and remove piston assembly, carefully inspect all linkage and # 17 valve's and seals on # 22 plugs.
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