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2009 Frieghtliner Cascadia With DD15 Detroit getting 2 error

Customer Question

2009 Frieghtliner Cascadia With DD15 Detroit getting 2 error codes on drivers center on dash, CAB249 and CHS216 Dealership can't tell me code meanings without plugging into their computer with the software. For telling me codes they want $150.00 then I can fix myself.Does anybody know these codes and what they are for?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Heavy Equipment
Expert:  Clayton replied 6 years ago.

Hi, Welcome to Just Answer, I am Clayton. I can help you with this.


Cab 249 is saying there is a problem with the Sam Cabin module, and CHS 216 is saying there is a problem with the Sam Chassis module. There are more to these codes, when Cab 249 pops up, hold the square button in, the screen will change then it will display the rest of the fault code. Write them down and let me know. Do the same to the CHS 216 on the display. It will be something like this, CHS 216 s215 04


Interior and exterior lamps can cause faults codes in these modules.


Some of the cascadias have recalls involving a reprogram of those modules that can cause unnecessary fault codes. What is your VIN # and I will see if the recall has been completed or if your truck falls under that recall.



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Pushing square button while display was showing codes (going back and forth between two) just kept current code on display, if released and pressed again display would swap between fault1 and fault2, pushing plus on sterring wheel resulted in Fault1, CAB249, Fail4, SID254 being displayed, then went to Fault2, CHS216, Fail4, SID254. Vin is 1FUJGEDR09LAK0312 I am beginning to think buying the software and cord to diagnose and clear codes is in the near future as this poor truck has had more time at dealership than working lol.
Expert:  Clayton replied 6 years ago.

Sorry for the delay, I had computer problems earlier.


Those faults are saying there is a short in the CAN between the ECU's. I do not know how many times it has happened, the only way to tell is to hook it up to Freightliner proprietary tool called Service Link.


Unfortunately, Service Link cannot be purchased outside of Freightliner, Service Link is the only tool that can read Cascadia troubleshooting information. Basically your truck has a Firewall that will only allow Freight liners Service Link to read data from the CAN data link. Monopoly is wonderful isn't it.


You have 6-9 computers on your truck, depending on what the truck is equipped.


HVAC controller,Instrument Cluster,ABS ECU,SAM chassis module,SAM Cabin Module, Vorad(if equipped), Engine ECU, Safety restraint system. All of these broadcast over this datalink.


Your truck already had the recall done, I looked into it. I know everybody hates to hear bad news, but datalink problems are tough to find and even an experience tech can take awhile, which can lead into BIG bucks.


Sometimes turning the key on, and leaving the Master power switch OFF can cause this. This powers off the Cab, and the Chassis ECU, but they still receive ignition power, if this happens, your interior lights will flash.


You might ask the dealership if they can hook up to it and print the codes, as well as clear them. It might have been a glitch, $150 is ridiculous. Just to hook it up, they should not charge more than a 1/2 hr, it would not even take a half hr, the tech can make time on it. Also, if you decide to go there, ask them if they do Express Assesment. If they are just going to hook to it, They should also be courteous enough not to charge Shop Fees. And if the problem comes back soon after, then you most likely have a problem. But they could seriously spend a couple of hours on a no problem found, and you will be out a few hundred bucks.


Something else you might want to know, If you have any water leaks in the cab of your truck, they can leak into the Cab and the Chassis modules and short them out. If you see any leaks, repair them immediatly and inspect the Sam CAB and the SAM chassis for corrosion.


Let me know if you need more help, I work on these everyday.