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Category: Heavy Equipment
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Experience:  16 Years working on Cummins Diesel engines,
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cummins isx engine that wont start..Engine turns..getting fuel

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I have a 2007 international workstar with what I believe is a CUMMINS ISX engine that wont start! Engine turns over fine just seems like its not getting fuel. What could the issue be. Is there some type of solenoid on the ingecter pump somewhere that shuts off the fuel where i should focus my attention or could it be the lift pump. What ever the case is i dont know the location of either..... PLEASE HELP
Hello are you getting any check engine lights on the dash at key on? they should go on than off. and if there is an active code check engine light should come back on. also can you hear the lift pump at key on?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

no check engine lights...

I can hear some clicking when i turn the key on that sounds identical to my other truck that is running....I have 2 identical trucks and when I turn the key to the on position on both of them they sound the same

Ok no check engine / stop engine lights at all at key on than go off correct?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
ok this means you missed a fuse.and have no power to the ecm. Recheck all fuses to the engine. there are 2 in the battery box, i believe there is 2 in the cab fuses block. There should be some near the ecm on the harness. also check the wires at battery for tightness and not broken.ecm fuses on the harness will be in fuse holders and easy to spot. Once the power is restored to the ecm the lights will come on the dash, and the engine will start

Edited by DR.Cummins on 2/12/2011 at 7:30 PM EST
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
i miss interpreted you previous question.... The lights "DO" come on at key on then they gof off a few seconds later.... it is doing the same thing as my other truck that is running fine all except starting...
ok now we are at light's come on than go off. With no indication of a fault in the ecm.(check eng light stays on). Can you hear the lift pump running at key on or if you bump the starter? Are you getting power to the fuel shutoff solenoid ? This is located on the IFSM in the center of the timing and metering actuators. the only one wire solenoid in that location. What is the engine serial number.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

my serial # XXXXX XXXXX

for some reason im thinking it is that solenoid but i dont know where to look....

Thats why youre the expert!

I dont know where that solenoid is to check for power...

ok that is an ISM engine serial number. Good thing i asked . THIS IS YOUR ENGINE ISM CM570...... now there is no lift pump on this engine. so disregard our ENTIRE conversation. The fuel shutoff solenoid is located on the fuel pump housing near the fuel outlet line. it is attached to the pump with one wire. Disconnect the wire harness from the fuel shutoff solenoid. -----Turn keyswitch ON.---- More than Positive (+) 6 VDC is good. If you remove the wire also with the key on and touch it to the solenoid post you should hear the valve click and open if not it is bad. to check the resistance of the solenoid check ohms reading from the post to engine ground 6 to 15 ohms for 12-VDC solenoids. other than that the only thing else is to run a clear hose from the fuel pump inlet fitting from the tank or bucket of fuel and make sure the pump is pulling fuel to the engine. if not the pump is your cause



Customer: replied 6 years ago.

can i access this area from the top of the engine or will i have to dismantle the interior of the cab, whats the best way to get to this and what part or the engine is the pump on? I cant see much from the top because of all of the Intake tubes and air filter housing... Do you have a drawing of the engine with the pump location detailed on it? If so i will consider this a success thanks in advance...

graphicsure here you go #3 is the component location on left side of engine as looking from drivers seat.




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