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Category: Heavy Equipment
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Experience:  2 years Truck shop experience, 12 years of Bobcat Compact Equipment experience
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I have a 1997 Bobcat skidsteer that has a peugeot diesel engine.

Customer Question

I have a 1997 Bobcat skidsteer that has a peugeot diesel engine. The machine quit running, just died when I hit the throttle. I assumed it skipped the timing belt and since 1600 hours is due time to change, we're done. Problem is now after setting up the recommended timing procedure I am hitting what feels like a valve against a piston. I turn the engine over real slow with a wrench at the crank. I was told by the dealership that this is an noninterference engine, but chearly she is now. If I back up the cam shaft, then the engine will turn over by hand. When I lock the flywheel at TDC, position the camshaft at proper timing, install belt, remove flywheel lock and this is when contact is noticed. Feels to me the position of the camshaft is the problem. What am I up against here. Bent valve? Or am I too stupid to follow the instructions in the manual?
If so, what am I doing wrong? How can I tell if I have bent a valve, or is there a proper method of setting up the timing.............Dean
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Heavy Equipment
Expert:  al-mod replied 6 years ago.

Hi, I'm a Moderator here at Just Answer and will try to help you get an answer as you have been waiting for awhile. The response rate on Just Answer is usually over 95%, but sometimes questions do go un-answered. Some of the common reasons found on some questions are:

1. The question is unclear.

2. The question price you selected is low for the complexity of the question.

3. The question seems to request an answer for something that cannot be explained online.

4. And sometimes, there just may not be an Expert available who feels they have the proper experience to reply.

If you would still like to receive an answer from an Expert, just let me know, and I will do my best to find an Expert to assist you.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

All I ask is a simple " I don't know" or " Try explaining yourself and make sense this time". Any kind of response would be nice. I thought setting up a timing belt would be quite simple to an expert. Not hearing any kind of response leads one to think that no one even heard the question, or $26.00 isn't enough to answer to......Dean



Expert:  al-mod replied 6 years ago.
Hello, there are many reasons why questions can go unanswered, the above are the most common. I'll send a message out to all Heavy Equipment Experts. Hopefully someone will be able to assist.

Edited by Al-Mod on 9/17/2010 at 9:19 PM EST
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I was hoping I would get a response from an actual Peugeot mechanic that may have worked on this diesel for some time and maybe has a line on potential parts source. I have talked to the dealership, researched on the internet on machining and matching cam to head and all that stuff. I need a used or new head or any means to which that I may get my bobcat back to working status.. Dean
Expert:  DDG replied 6 years ago.

I am sorry that I did not see this question posted earlier. I would like to try to help you. You must have a 751 loader. I believe that was the only Bobcat loader model that had a Peugeot engine.


Be sure to pin the injection pump and cam shaft gears using two metric bolts,(bobcat tool MEL 1484) to hold them in position. They should be able to be pinned at the same time as the flywheel, if not, turn the crank 1 more full revolution to get all three pins to align. Be sure the crank shaft does not move once they are pinned, and the belt is removed. When installing the new belt, it is very important to keep the belt free of slack between the gears, in the following order: Crankshaft gear, Fixed Roller, pump gear, Cam shaft gear, tensioner pulley, and coolant pump.


If this is done, all timing will be correct. If you still feel resistance when turning the engine by hand, verify proper valve tappet to cam lobe clearance. Cam flat to tappet clearance should be 0.006" +/- 0.0016 on intake valves, and 0.012" +/- 0.0016" on exhaust valves. Your service manual should illustrate this as well.


If all the above checks correct, you could be feeling the compression when trying to turn the engine, or if it becomes very solid feeling, and not springy feeling, you will have to pull the head to see what is binding inside the combustion chamber of one of the cylinders.

Follow all Safety and Maintenance Procedures as illustrated in the Operation and Maintenance Manuals for your machine! Remember to click ACCEPT.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
You see, the new belt was installed by my Mechanic and ran for 10 minutes before grenading the camshaft, caps and the belt. I am in need of new or used parts. I know the cam is line bored with the head. If someone could point me to these parts I would very much appreciate it. I am sure, because they only used the XUD9 Peugeot for that one year the parts are rare at best....Thanks for the info thou. I thought the belt was installed properly as read in the manual. Either someone goofed up or the head was due to go, even at 1600 hrs...Help.......Dean
Expert:  DDG replied 6 years ago.
Good used parts will likely be very hard to find. I believe the same engine may have been used in some of the old Melroe Spra-Coupe crop sprayers.

Most all of the necessary parts are available through your local or nearest Bobcat dealer. I am not sure where you are, but has a dealer locator if you need to find which is closest.