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C15: it matter which way the connecting rod is installed,bearing tab

Resolved Question:

does it matter which way the connecting rod is installed,bearing tab on right or left c15 acert? it appears one of mine was installed with bearing tab to the left.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Heavy Equipment
Expert:  Don replied 7 years ago.
hi there my name is don i will try to help you
yes it does matter they must line up with the groove
Expert:  Don replied 7 years ago.
The bearing tabs of the connecting rod bearing cap and the connecting rod are located on the side of the piston cooling jet.
a fellow expert passed this along to me thanks buddy
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
i do not know what you mean by groove. i have 5 of 6 rods with the bearing tabs on the right side of the block looking from rear of engine.i have one on the left side.when i say tabs i mean the slots that lock the bearing in the cap and rod. the piston tops have numbers on the them which are all on the right side, not 5 of 6 . if i pull out and turn around the piston will be opposite the others unless i take off rod and turn also this is as found as i have not taken piston off rods. can i leave installed as is
Expert:  Don replied 7 years ago.
hi there thanks for that information

was it like this when you took it out ?
Expert:  Don replied 7 years ago.
yes it does matter which way you put it in they should all be in the same direction
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I dont really know for sure .Ichanged the block but reusing pistons and liners which i left pistons in liners and installed in new block. i made note on the first rod cap how the tabs were oriented and didnt check all.also made note of orientation of pistons and installed with numbers on same side. as isaid before if i turn the the rod then the piston will be backwards relative to the others . i dont really want to change the piston around because they are already seated in the liner the way it was taken apart
Expert:  Don replied 7 years ago.
hi there like yellowman said that they must be turned

you might be able to do it from the bottom end
hope this helps you
Don and other Heavy Equipment Specialists are ready to help you
Expert:  Don replied 7 years ago.
hi there thanks for the accept it was my pleasure to assist you
have a great day