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DT466..I have codes 254 (controller 1 fault) fault mode..pos

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2006 International 4300 DT466. I have codes 254 (controller 1 fault) fault mode id 8 and 6. Also code 164 (egr pos sensor). Which controller is controller 1 and could a defective battery or cables cause this. The truck loses all power and starts to smoke intermitently. If I dissconect the battery and let it sit for a bit it will be ok for awhile.
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254 (controller 1 fault) fault mode id 8 and 6.

This code relates to loss of power to the ecm

The ecm is on the left side of the engine above the starter.

What i think you will find is a wire problem here

I would start with the power supply to the ecm and go to the wire harness to the engine,

start at the batterys and go out ,, I have seen the connections on the battery box,,, loose wires at the ecm to the engine,,, loose wires or damaged wires between the ecm and where the harness wraps around the engine.. loose or broken ground from the batterys to the starter ,,, from the starter to the frame.


Code 164..


Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve Position Signal out-of-range low



The EGR actuator consists of three major components, a valve, an actuator motor, and Integrated Circuit (IC). The IC has three Hall effect position sensors to monitor valve movement. The EGR actuator is located at the front of the engine on the mixer duct.

The EGR drive module controls the EGR actuator and is located on the left side of the engine on the ECM and Injector Driver Module (IDM).

The EGR actuator is a variable position valve that controls the amount of exhaust entering the intake system. The ECM uses sensor input from the BAP, EBP, MAT, MAP, APS, EOT, ECT, and VGT control to calculate the desired position of the EGR actuator. The EGR drive module receives the desired EGR actuator position from the ECM across the CAN 2 datalink to activate the valve for exhaust gas recirculation. The EGR drive module provides feedback to the ECM on the valve position. The EGR drive module interprets the ECM command and sends the command using three pulse width modulated signals to the valve actuator.

The system is closed loop control using the EGR position signals. The EGR drive module provides a 9 V supply and ground to the IC in the motor of the valve. When the EGR drive module directs the valve to move, the IC with three Hall effect sensors provides the EGR drive module with the valve position signals. The EGR drive module interprets the three signals to determine valve position and sends the information back to the ECM.



I would look closely for a wire problem.


Let me know if i can help more!


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