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Category: Heavy Equipment
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Experience:  16 Years working on Cummins Diesel engines,
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The cummins icon dosent work at all trk..relay..fuses..disconnected

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i have a '05' INT 9400 i eagle the cummins icon dosent work at all trk will idle all night long the relay is new so thats not my problem and neither is the fuses oh and the thermostat dosent light up like it supposet im thinking the system has been disconnected am i correct in this assumption
Hello if you are not getting any faults you are correct in thinking it is disconnected.
The ICON™ idle control module monitors the various signals it receives to determine whether a fault condition exists with the ICON™ system. If any faults are detected, the ICON™ system logs the fault in its memory. The ICON™ lamp notifies the operator of a fault by flashing a three digit ICON™ fault code each time the keyswitch cycles from off to on. To flash a fault code, the lamp flashes a number of times for the first digit of the code; then, after a short pause, the lamp flashes out the second digit of the fault code, and again, after another short pause, flashes out the third digit of the fault code. After a longer pause, the lamp repeats the flashing sequence.

If more than one fault code is active at the same time, the ICON™ system flashes out the highest priority fault until it has been corrected and then the next active fault will be flashed out

The preferred method of deactivating the ICON™ system is to turn off the cruise control switch. To restart the engine, after deactivating the ICON™ system, cycle the keyswitch from ON to OFF, then manually restart the engine.

After the ICON™ system has been activated in either engine mode (including keyless engine mode) or cab comfort mode, the ICON™ system will be deactivated if any of the following occurs:

Interlock switch open (neutral, parking, hood)
Vehicle speed greater than 0 mph
A Fault becomes active in the ICON™ system
(Aftermarket systems only) accelerator is depressed with keyswitch on or off (keyless engine mode) before first shutdown
Cruise control switch turned off
Keyswitch turned off after first shutdown
(Aftermarket or OEM systems only) keyswitch turned on when in keyless engine mode
(Aftermarket systems only) PTO is activated with keyswitch on or off (keyless engine mode) before first shutdown

To activate the ICON™ system, perform the following steps:

Idle the engine. Do not turn on the PTO. Do not touch the accelerator pedal
Set the parking brake
Place the transmission in neutral.
Turn the cruise control switch from the OFF position to the ON position.
NOTE: If the switch is already on, you must turn it off then back on. At this point, the ICON™ lamp will start flashing quickly. This lamp flashing pattern confirms that the ICON™ system is ready to be activated.
The following step must be completed within 1 minute of turning on the cruise control switch, or the ICON™ system will be deactivated automatically.
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