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Curtis B.
Curtis B., service manager
Category: Heavy Equipment
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Experience:  30 years exp. with diesel engines, heavy equipment and forklifts, including lp forklifts
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I have a 820 john deere tractor that will not start. I just

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I have a 820 john deere tractor that will not start. I just had the starter rebuilt no sucess in starting when replaced. Battery is good. Battery cables seem good but I cannot arch starter with screw driver to start tractor. ???
Can you turn the engine by hand? The engine is not locked up I assume. Get out your voltmeter and check the battery, should have at least ??? volts. Then check from the positive post to the frame. It should still read battery voltage. If not the ground is bad, either the battery cable at the battery or where it hooks to the frame. After looking at the wiring on the John Deere site, is this a six volt or 12 volt or 24 volt system. They made them all!! What kind of connections are on the cables? Do you have the kind that has the two 1/4 in bolts to hold the bare cable in place on top of the terminal, or do you have solid cable ends, factory made? The "temporary ends" make real poor connections and with you not able to jump at the starter makes me think you are getting a bad connection on the cable. Let me know. Thanks.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have a 12 volt diesel system. The cables are factory made. I tested the positive cable at the starer with a voltage continuity meter it checks out at 12 volts. The fly wheel is free. I just arched the 2 large terminals on the starter with a screwdriver and the starter motor spun. I also arched between the solenoid and the starter and got a little junp but thats all. when I was able to start the tractor the fuel gage came on. no power to it now the starter push button switch shows continuity whether the keyed switch is on or off, but I still should be able to start the tractor by jumping the starter regardless of the switches???
Yes , the diesel should start regardless of the switches. It has no electric kill on it. The keyswitch gets its power from the same terminal on the solenoid as the positive battery cable is attached to. Is this wire in the right place? It should run directly back to the key switch, it should be a fused wire. Is the fuse good? Locate the wire on the solenoid that is the switch wire, is it going directly to the key switch? The starting circuit is pretty plain vanilla. you should be able to jump from the positive side of the solenoid to the switch terminal on it and start the tractor. Could the battery be low on charge. It will always read 12 volts without a load on it, have you checked it when you you try to start it? If it drops below 9 volts it is dead and needs charging. Let me know. Just leave question open and get back when you can. Thanks.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I had the battery checked and recharged its in good shape. I don't know why the tractor won't start by jumping it when I jump it the solenoid just bumps once then no response I just had the starter rebuilt and tested. I'll check the fuses again
I sounds to me like there is a bad connection at the starter, it could even be the ground on the starter, maybe it has paint on it not allowing a good connection. Check back when you can. Thanks.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
you were right! I took the battery cables off and cleaned them up and the tractor started right up. I suspect it was the ground. Thank you for your help. Mike
Good job!! Thank you!!
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