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Parking does that, gauges in console will bottom

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2001 john deere 250 skid steer, My problem is the parking brake will activate will the machine is moving, locking the brake, when it does that, gauges in console will bottom out like it is shorted, few secounds it will go to normal reactive the seat belt press parking brake off and off you go sometimes just feet, sometimes it will run for hours, Ive checked, key, seat belt seat switches cleaned all connetions, Out of ideas any help thank you, Bobby
Hello and thanks for using JA, these machines had issues like you are describing, could be ground wire problem for cab. Remove headliner and access entire harness, pay special attention where harness routes through cab for wear points or exposed wires. Also check tension of pins in all connectors. Deere had harness repair kit for this very problem, I will do some digging on this.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thanks tryed everything you said, Is there anyway to check the console module, the one with the fuel gauge in thanks


Thanks for that, Did some checking and would recommend replacing instrument cluster and wiring harness # XXXXX 26740, would install this harness to prevent future cluster failures due to spikes from locking solenoids used on machine. Am not aware of test for checking condition of cluster.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX my wiring today, from one end to the other, standed at rear of machine on the right side the wiring harness, the ground wire were the connection comes together looked like it was trying to melt, cleaned the connection up, put a small 14 guage jumper wire to cross the harness, just in case the harness connection wasnt making contact. That is the only void I can find in the wiring. Can you tell me why that may have done that, to burn that connection? Called deere to check out availability on cluster,$ 400.00 dollars have one Monday, I just want to be good and clear Ive checked the reson for the burn area in harness, I so much thank you for your help Bobby
Is hard to tell which circuit is at fault without wire number, however usually when wire starts to melt it could be from poor contact in connection itself which causes heat, or excessive draw within system, would highly recommend installing this harness I described earlier to help prevent future cluster failures, yes they are very expensive.
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