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Fault codes..freightliner..power and the check engine light came on

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how do i acess fault codes on a 2007 freightliner with a dietroit? where can i get a code list tonight ? problem is loss of power and the check engine light came on. will only do 1500 RMP This is a road call for us tonight. Thank you Allyn

Hi Allyn. Welcome to JA. I am Buddy, and i will try and help you out.


You should have a shutdown override/diagnostic request switch.

  • Turn vehicle ignition switch ON.
  • Depress and hold the diagnostic request switch.
  • Count the flashes. There will be a short pause between each flash and a longer pause between each code. The code should be a 2 digit code.

  • Active codes are the codes which are currently keeping the "Check or Stop Engine" light on. Active codes are flashed via the Stop Engine Light (SEL).
  • Inactive codes are all the codes previously logged in the ECM. These codes can be cleared by using the DDR. Inactive codes are flashed via the Check Engine Light (CEL)

    Let me know what codes you come up with, and also which light they were blinked on.



    Customer: replied 7 years ago.
    I just called the driver these are the codes Check Engine 54,73,38,63 Engine Protect are 55 & 35 then cycle started over again

    Thanks for the reply.

    I would double check those flash codes. 55 and 35 are the active faults.


    Flash Code 35 p 100/3 indicates that the engine Oil Pressure Sensor/Engine Oil Pressure Sensor (OPS/EOP Sensor),input to the ECM/ECU has exceeded 95% (normally > 4.75 volts) of the sensor supply voltage.? This is more then likely a faulty oil pressure sensor or wiring to sensor issue.


    The SAE J1587 equivalent code for Flash Code 55 is s 231/12, ECM/ECU fault and s 216/14, missing other ECM/ECU. It also indicates DDEC ECM/ECU has lost its connection with other ECM/ECU devices or indicates a loss or shorted J1939 data link. If code s 216/14 is logged with p 86/14 then Smart Cruise has a fault. If code s 216/14 is logged with p 84/12 there is an incorrectly programmed or shorted J1939 data link.?This can be caused by several things and normally can be a pain to troubleshoot.



    I hope this helps you out. If you have anymore questions, or info just ask.


    Customer: replied 7 years ago.
    service guy is a few min away will get back with your answer to him Thanks Stand by

    Just reply back at any time.



    Customer: replied 7 years ago.

    Buddy, R/S guy said it has several issues and with low voltage to waste gate, Speed sensor, truck runs fine for 2000 ft then slows down fortunatelly he is close to the Freightliner dealer so they are limping it to there for the rest of the weekend Thank you for your help.



    Hopefully everthing will work put okay

    Buddy and other Heavy Equipment Specialists are ready to help you