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Kevin, Technician
Category: Heavy Equipment
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Experience:  I am a John Deere Ag Tech with over 10 years of expirence.
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Replacing belt on John Deere L100 lawn tractor

Resolved Question:

Replacing belt on John Deere L100 lawn tractor
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Heavy Equipment
Expert:  Kevin replied 7 years ago.

Hello, is it the transmission drive belt that you need help with or the mower deck drive belt?





Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I apologize for the error. It is the mower deck drive belt

Expert:  Kevin replied 7 years ago.

Not a problem. The first step to replacing the mower deck drive belt is to remove the deck from the tractor. If you haven't done this before its really quite simple.

  1. Set your deck to the lowest height setting and lower the deck all the way to the ground.
  2. You will see a linkage going to the deck that is used to engage the deck, it should have a quick pin on both ends, disconnect the deck end.
  3. The deck lift rods in the rear should both have quick clips that you can remove that will allow you to disconnect both of them.
  4. You will need to un hook the belt from the engine pulley by slipping it up and over the two guides.
  5. There should only be one slip hook or pin in the front of the deck that holds the front up and should be disconnected.
  6. Lift the deck lift lever full up so the linkage does not catch and simply slide the deck out the right side of the tractor.

Deck Belt Replacement is really pretty simple.

  1. Start by removing the black belt shield cover on the right side, and left if equipped.
  2. Depending on the style of deck you have there will be a couple of adjustable belt guides that prevent the belt from jumping out of the pulley that you will need to loosen and slide out of the way.
  3. If your deck has a pulley brake that is in the way remove the screws on the brake pad end and lift it up enough to clear the belt.
  4. You should be able to carefully remove the belt (watch belt routing for installation).
  5. Its a good time to clean any debris from the deck and also check for pulleys that are loose (have bad bearings).
  6. You can simply install the belt in reverse order.

Please let me know if you have any trouble or need further assistance.




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