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Category: Heavy Equipment
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Experience:  16 Years working on Cummins Diesel engines,
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active code 285 or sid231 fmi 9 sae j1939 multiplexing PGN

Resolved Question:

active code 285 or sid231 fmi 9 sae j1939 multiplexing PGN tIMEOUT ERROR. What ins this & nhow can i fix it?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Heavy Equipment
Expert:  DR.Cummins replied 7 years ago.

Hello i can help can you give me your engine serial number?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
ser# XXXXX model ISB 300 6.7 CPL 0279 also its in a kenwoth
Expert:  DR.Cummins replied 7 years ago.

ok current ecm code is AU90061.10 and the latest revision is .30 The only way to fix this fault is to get an ecm software update. from Cummins ,I have listed the fixes below. The reason that you have this fault is The Cummins ECM did not receive a multiplexed message from an OEM VECU within the time limit or did not receive it at all.When the ECM is set up properly (components enabled and OEM VECU source addressed correctly) to receive information from an OEM VECU, but the OEM VECU is actually transmitting a message that says that component is not available for multiplexing. This can be caused when a multiplexed component is enabled in the Cummins ECM, but the OEM VECU source address of the VECU transmitting the component message is incorrect in the CumminsECM, or the OEM VECU is not set up to transmit the multiplexed component message.

AU9006110SC09543DO900924/18/20071. Corrects fault 242 in Ford F650 and F750 vehicles with manual transmissions (will also need to change VSS sensor type to mechanical, change VSS anti tampering to low, and change rear axle ratio in ECM to match rear axle dataplate)
2. Reduces occurrences of fault code 1899
46670050 - 46744054
AU9006111SC09543DO900925/21/20071. Allows activation of service brake switch to cancel idle shutdown46670050 - 46756087
AU9006112SC09543DO900928/3/20071. Reduces occurrences of multiple inactive counts of fault code 2636
2. Reduces occurrences of fault code 242
3. Enables fault code snapshot within Insite
4. Allows throttle override to work when using Remote PTO
5. Reduces occurrences of the ECM going into a ROM boot state on key off
46670050 - 46793983
AU9006113SC09543DO900928/8/2007No warrantable changes.N/A
AU9006114SC09543DO900928/13/2007No warrantable changes.N/A
AU9006115SC09543DO9009212/11/20071. Corrects idle shutdown feature where the engine does not shut down on the first attempt
2. Reduces occurrences of fault 1866
3. Enables fault code snapshot for all fault codes
4. Allows stationary regeneration to activate when a driveline retarder is trimmed on
5. Raises the cooling fan on temperatures for intake manifold temperature to help resolve issues of excessive cooling fan on time
6. Allows EGR Valve Commanded Position to be monitored with Insite
7. Corrects issues with having to plug and unplug the variable geometry turbocharger actuator multiple times during the installation procedure
8. Displays the correct aftertreatment temperatures in the Aftertreatment History screen in Insite
9. Displays the correct temperatures and ECM times in the Engine Protection History screen in Insite
10. Reduces occurences of fault 2449
11. Allows J1939 mulitplexed cooling fans to default to a full cooling fan on condition if the J1939 datalink is lost
12. Resolves issue of PTO or Remote PTO not engaging at an idle speed of 700 RPM
13. Reduces occurences of fault 1896
RMEP: 46670050 - 46844648
CMEP: 57732169 - 57793947
AU9006116SC09543DO900922/21/20081. Reduces occurrences of fault code 2637RMEP: 46670050 - 46890000
CMEP: 57732169 - 57850000
AU9006117SC09543DO900927/10/20081. When the following components are J1939 multiplexed, and the J1939 datalink signal is lost, the following components will default to: XXXXX XXXXX to depressed, clutch switch to depressed, air conditioning pressure switch to on, manual fan switch to on, coolant level to low, and accelerator interlock switch to locked.
2. Corrects an issue where the PTO speed can be set higher than the PTO maximum speed when using the accelerator pedal in combination with the PTO set switch to get the desired engine speed
4. Allows the values of Sensor Supply 1, 3, 4 and 5 to be monitored in Insite (The CM2150 ECM does not use Sensor Supply 2)
5. Corrects an issue where fault code 2387 is not logged when the turbocharger nozzle ring cannot move
6. Prevents an engine protection speed derate from occurring with no active fault codes
7. Improves throttle pedal response by increasing throttle pedal range and decreasing throttle pedal deadband
8. Resolves an issue where stationary (parked) regeneration will not activate when fault code 1921 is active
9. Corrects an issue where fault code 1969 will register instead of fault code 1966
10. Reduces occurrences of fault code 285
11. Prevents the CM2150 ECM from going into a "ROM Boot" state
12. Allows the "Ignore VSS in PTO feature" in Insite to work correctly
13. Allows the "Alternator Failure Warning" feature to be enabled or disabled using Insite
14. Corrects an issue where fault code 2639 can be active without the DPF lamp being illuminated
15. Reduces occurrences of fault code 1844
RMEP: 46670050 - 46930695
CMEP: 57732169 - 57843452
AU9006118SC09543DO900927/28/20081. Resolves an issue where the "last count" of a fault code in fault code snapshot in Insite does not update correctlyRMEP: 46670050 - 46930695
CMEP: 57732169 - 57844834
AU9006119SC09543DO900929/26/20081. Resolves fault code 1242
2. Corrects the values of horsepower and torque displayed in Insite in Features & Parameters - System ID and Dataplate - System Information
RMEP: 46670050 - 46953693
CMEP: 57732169 - 57859098
AU9006120SC09543DO9009210/9/2008No warrantable changes.N/A
AU9006121SC09543DO9009211/26/20081. Enables fault codes for engine protection due to low oil pressure. 2. Corrects Battery Voltage broadcast freeze.RMEP: 46670050 - 46966895
CMEP: 57732169 - 57871116
AU9006122SC09543DO900923/4/20091. Corrects a possible no throttle response when the engine is idling at a low RPM.
2. Turbocharger Actuator Position Commanded (Percent Closed) (Percent) data monitor parameter in Insite shows actual value instead of always showing 0.
3. Eliminates Engine Protection Derate logs for 143 and 415 that are logging time when engine is stopped and key is on.
4. Reduces occurances of FC 2449.
5. Reduces EGR valve motor on time to increase EGR valve service life.
6. Cycles Grid Heater to reduce soot build-up
7. Corrects Variable Rate Management.
8. Corrects false occurances of FC 1966.
9. Resolves unintended occurrences of fault code 1667.
RMEP: 46670050 - 46987221
CMEP: 57732169 - 57889099
AU9006123SC09543DO900923/17/2009Reduces occurances of FC 1981RMEP: 46670050 - 46989378
CMEP: 57732169 - 57892297
AU9006124SC09543DO900925/19/2009Reduces black shellac on EGR and exhaust components.46670050 - 46999999
57732169 - 57899009 73000000 - 73001200
AU9006125SC09543DO900925/21/20091. Reduces occurences of FC 3616 and FC 244946670050 - 46999999
57732169 - 57899009 73000000 - 73001750
AU9006126SC09543DO900925/29/2009Corrects incorrect broadcast of fan speed which causes a vehicle maintenance required light.46670050 - 46999999
57732169 - 57899009 73000000 - 73002333
AU9006127SC09543DO900926/26/20091. Allows RSG to be set to 25 mph.
2. Corrects RSG overshoot.
46670050 - 46999999
57732169 - 57899009
73000000 - 73009092
AU9006128SC09543DO900928/7/2009Reduces occurences of FC 263846670050 - 46999999
57732169 - 57899009
73000000 - 73018903
AU9006129SC09543DO9009211/2/2009Enables engine protection shutdown for low coolant level.
46670050 - 46999999
57732169 - 57899009
73000000 - 73045484
AU9006130SC09543DO9009211/5/20091. Allows successful ECM calibration when using Cummins Power Supply p/n(NNN) NNN-NNNNand benchtop harness.
2. Prevents false occurences of FC 3141 & 3139.
46670050 - 46999999
57732169 - 57899009
73000000 - 73046822


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