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Adam Sntr
Adam Sntr, Technician
Category: Heavy Equipment
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Experience:  John Deere, Ag equiptment, Diesel engines, Hydraulics, Electronics
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I have a BX2200 Kubota that blew a hydraulic hose. I replaced

Resolved Question:

I have a BX2200 Kubota that blew a hydraulic hose. I replaced 4 of the hose but I must have switched them around because it only lifts up and doesn't do that well. I ordered a service manual but it was the wrong one. What I really need is a blow up picture of how the hoses connect from the tractor to the front loader.

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Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Heavy Equipment
Expert:  Adam Sntr replied 7 years ago.

I wouldn't wast your money on a manual, if you trace the lines at the loader and find out witch ones are for the lift and witch ones are for the bucket. then go to the control valve (were the lever is) and look at it there be two spools one for each function. If you only hook up two then your odds of getting it right are better, just make sure that you now which function that is not connected because you you could leak oil if you hit the wrong function. Normally on the control valve it is obvious which two ports are for the same function. You can see were the ports are in line with the spool. If you have quick couplers involved sometimes they will cause slow hydraulic function, so if you do disconnect them and reconnect and see if the problem goes away.


Hope this helps.

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