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New Holland T1520 tractor will not start. Never had a tractor

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New Holland T1520 tractor will not start. Never had a tractor before that used diesel fuel. It will not start. No noise when starting. Had the glow plug on for a few minutes. Fuses are Ok and battery is OK. First time this has happen. Temperature is in the high teens.
hi there my name is don i will try to help you on this

how long has the tractor sat before you tried to start it
was it rolling over fast also did you see any smoke out of the exhaust
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I use it at least once a week to pick up the poop. Last used was 6 days ago. Tried to use it today before the snow came.


No rolling over....dead. I could hear the switches click in but nothing happens.

No smoke out of the exhaust.


First time (over a year now) that I had a diesel. It started before when it was this cold.

there thanks for that information

with your head lights on and you turn the key to the start position do they dim
also when they are on are they really bright like normal
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I had to go to the barn to get you an answer.


The light are bright (normal) when they are turned on.

Turning the key to the start position - the lights do dim.

hi there thanks for that information

the lights dimming is telling me that everything is working the way it should be
the problem will be at the starter
first this i would do is remove the connections at the starter and clean them well also at the battery

i would also put a booster cable on the batteries and then try it with the booster cables on it

if this does not do it then you will have to take the starter outand get it tested

i hope this helps you havea great day don
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

1-I did try using using booster cables......nothing happen.

2-Are you saying that this cold weather is limiting the current to the starter especially if the connections are so-so?

3-The tractor has about 125 hours on it. Could it be a bad starter?

4-With the lights dimming there must be some current going to the starter. Are you saying that there is not enought current to the starter?


hi there putting the booster on the battery will double the amperage going to the starter

before we continue can you try jumping the solinoid
to see if it will turn over

sorry for all the questioims but since i cannot see or hear your tractor i have to rely on your explinations so that i can isolate the problem area

in answer to your secound queation if the connections are dirty or corroded or loose because the diesel starters require lots of amperage it will not turn over yes

depending on the usage and how long it gets turned over i have seen starters go out this early yes thats whay when it gets cold i plug mine in about 2 hours before i want it to start the engine turns over faster amd ,akes it easier to start

with the lights dimming when you put it in the start position means there is power going to the starter
you can also feel the wires to see if they are hot
but be careful if the starteer is bad it could heat up the wires enough to give you a bad burn
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

What do you plug in for 2 hours before you want it to start? A battery charger? A heated oil dip stick? The glow plug? If its the glow plug, how do you keep it on for 2 hours?


I'll need to look at the starter connections later and see if I can jumper directly to the starter. Its after 12 midnight here and we are having a snow storm and besides its getting cold and windy outside.


Please answer my first question and I will get back to you in about 12 hours.




hi there ours has a block heater on it thats what i plug in to keep it warm

do you not have one

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I don't have a block heater.


I'll see if I can get one or use a oil stick heater.

good morning
sorry it is a piece of standard equipment here

did not realize that it wasn't there

you can get a circulating heater from napa that goes into the radiator hose quite cheap

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I was able to remove the starter and went down to the New Holland Store. It does run.


They tell me at the New Holland Store that this Tractor should start at 0 degree F. I'll look into that radiator heater and the block heater that sticks to the side with magnets.


Talking to the owner of the store, the problem could be with any of the four safety switches. I'll need to bypast them all and work backwards. Looks like I can then start the tractor and get the tractor into the 'warm barn' and work on it from there. There may be another faster was to get it started (apply power directly to the starter) so I can move it into the barn.


Hint..........may also want people to check the safety switches.

Reply back and I'll hit accept. If this does not work I'll email you back......give me a few day to get back to the tractor.

hi there thanls for that information

you should be bale to jump the starter using a screw drive or a big battery charger

how ever if you can get traction you can turn the key on and pull start it

here is the accept for you thanks again

i am curious how they testedthe starter however
Don and other Heavy Equipment Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
It was put on a bench. The relay kicked-in when power applied. Then they put the starter on a large DC power supply and it rotated
hi there thanks for that information

this type of test will only tell you if the starter does receive power to both you have to have it put under load and tak a amp draw test to be sure
i have had a started just bench tested and it seemed that it worked fine but then i took it to a electrical shop and had them test it under load and thats where it failed

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

It was warmer this weekend and I put the starter back.....still didn't work. By hitting three of the safety switches it now starts. Were one or more of them frozen????


If this happens next time I'll start with these safety switches by adding jumpers across each one!

hi there
thanks for that information it is possible that one of them had moisture and froze up but i have not seen this before but it is possicble that the switch was stuck and you dislodged it yes
thansk again