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JCTech, Diesel Mechanic
Category: Heavy Equipment
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Experience:  31 years experience as a Diesel Mechanic, 14 years at Cummins, good with electronic control systems
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N-14 cummins long crank time-no codes-no smoke from stack until starts

Customer Question

n-14 cummins long crank time-no codes-no smoke from stack until starts
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Heavy Equipment
Expert:  Wayne replied 7 years ago.
Hi I'm wayne,
I will help you with this,

We had a 1997 T600 in our fleet with N-14, had about 350,000 miles on it, did exact same thing, no codes, no smoke, we replaced injectors, harness, same thing, took to Midwest best cummins dealer(Chicago), ran thru it and found no problems, they said we could try a $3000.00 ECM, but no guarantee, we just crank that puppy. They said thats the way some are. Not sure if this helped you, but before you start throwing money and parts at it, may have the same results.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
wayne: i've heard rumors there is a factory tsb regarding this. the symptoms seem to indicate a residual fuel pressure or fuel drainback issue. possibly a faulty ecm cooler check valve or updated replacement for fuel line. could you check your sources regarding these possibilities. thanks
Expert:  Wayne replied 7 years ago.

well the 2 other things I found out, was to make sure you are using fleetguard filter FS1000,, not the fs1212,

second, recommended was to replace the fuel shut off solenoid

Aslo there is no TSB on hard start, I was told

Thanks, Wayne
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
waiting for a reply to my follow up question and more detail
Expert:  Wayne replied 7 years ago.
I did reply to you 11-18-09, I could not find and asked about TSB, on hard start, nothing out there.
I am going to opt-out of this and let another expert take over.

Thanks, Wayne
Expert:  JCTech replied 7 years ago.
One thing you need to check is fuel pressure while cranking before it starts, it should be 25 PSI minimum, and it should rise to 150 rapidly once started, the 25 PSI while cranking is the first thing to check, less than 25 PSI means a worn gear pump or air in the gear pump. I have seen the fuel drain from the gear pump on the back of the fuel pump down into the fuel filter. Use the sight glass on the gear pump inlet to check this, fit the sight glass, run the engine to remove any air, stop the engine for the normal period of time, try to start, you will see whether there is air or fuel entering the gear pump.
It is normal for the filter to run with the top 1 -1.5 inches empty of fuel, then when the truck stops the fuel drains down into this void.
A check valve on the filter outlet can cure filter drain back, or you can relocate the filter above the gear pump inlet.
If the filter is integral to the fuel inlet, it may be worth obtaining a remote filter head and mounting it just above the gear pump inlet, not too high as you may increase restriction too much. The integral filter comes off with the 4 allen head capscrews, and the gear pump body is threaded to take the fitting in the filter body.
Check for restrictions or air ingress in the suction line if this is the case using the sight glass
A lot of manufacturers fit a check valve on the filter inlet, make sure that this is functioning correctly, this can cause a restriction which will lower the fuel level in the filter.

Hope this helps