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John deere tractor front end loader, up&down hyra cylinders..piston

Resolved Question:

john deere tractor front end loader, up&down hyra cylinders keep leaking,the packing around where the chrome piston goes up into the larger cyliner keeps coming out,i never have any small leakes,it just comes out or vibrates loose, then it leakes,does this packing screw in there or is pressed?tilt cylinders are fine.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Heavy Equipment
Expert:  CaseFace replied 7 years ago.
Hi, what you saying is that it never leaks until a certain point, and then it leaks about the crome.
What you have to do now is repack the cylinders, they harden and loose thier seal, and now
they let fluid past.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
it never has a small leak,all of a sudden i notice a leak and all the packing around the chrome cylinder is gone, i have never been able to tell if packing is maybe vibrating out little by little or if its a sudden burst.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
the cylinders last about a year,tractor is not used a lot,about 1 time a week feeding hay in winter and couple weeks a year bushhogging and hauling hay. Is the packing around the chrome piston screwed in?,could it be vibrating out,then at a certain point, it pops out causing the leak,loader does not appear to be bent or warped in anyway.Would something cause seals to harden? This will be the 3rd time repacking..Only 1 cylinder is leaking now,when i say leaking i mean no packing at all,fluid gushing out.Never has a small leak.
Expert:  CaseFace replied 7 years ago.
If your blowing the packing out that can be another problem.
Let me see what i can find.

Expert:  CaseFace replied 7 years ago.
I think that when you say the packing is gone, that is the Dirt or Dust seal that is gone,
that would be the part you can see, you won't be able to see the rest of the packing,
with the dirt seal gone your seeing a Wear Ring.

I don't see anything holding the dirt seal in, even with that gone you shouldn't leak,
the fluid is blowing it out, what it looks like is happening is that your letting pressure
in both sides of the cylinder at the same time.

This is probably going to be a valve problem.

Will be back with more.

Expert:  CaseFace replied 7 years ago.
I going to have to suggest this, to see if it is the cylinder or ram that is bad,
swap the cylinders, put the whole cylinder from the right onto the left and the left on the right.

If you now blow the seal out of the cylinder you just swaped then there is a valve problem,
If the cylinder that was leaking now doesn't gush you are going to have a valve problem.

If the cylinder doesn't blow the seal out and the cylinder that was leaking continues to leak there is a problem with that cylinder, the rod can be bent, the packing on the rod can be in upside down, the cylinder itself can be dented and out of round at a spot.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

i took the cylinder and had it repacked,the tech told me that the outside clip was off of the seal,the packing went up inside the larger cylinder ( when i took it to him i could stick my finger up between the chrome part and the larger cylinder that it goes into) he replaced the whole packing and outside clip.I think eveything is new,seals and packing.I am going to keep watch on this,the outher cylinder has lost it outside clip i expect it to fail anytime.Would a small vibrasion cause this clip to come off?,if so- what do i look for?,where is the valves that may be causing trouble? I appreciate your help, The last time i had the cylinders repacked I could not see anything new,this time i see a new shining outside seal or ring.The last repair lasted about a year.If you can give me a little more trouble shooting advice, just in case this repair does not last. I will pay you.


Expert:  CaseFace replied 7 years ago.
The last time you had it repacked they could have left the old dirt seal in,
they may not have had one or the metal is just a different color. They
make those out of different metal, it is like a mix of metals or like yellow steel.
There might have been a new one in there.

If the dirt seal came out you could stick your finger inside.

You know what you could do so that I can inform you better is get a good
picture of it now so I can see it and I can tell you what is going on.

There is an icon to the left of the YouTube one, you can upload images from there.

Take a picture of both if you can.

Also just to confirm is it the same cylinder that is only lasting a year.

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