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Kubota Kelly
Kubota Kelly, Technician
Category: Heavy Equipment
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Experience:  4 years with Kubota Tractors and Excavators, 4 years with New Holland equipment,
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Hi, I have a 30 year old Kubota B7100, with manual transmission.

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Hi, I have a 30 year old Kubota B7100, with manual transmission. I am trying to run a hydraulic line through a valve to operate a 2 way cylinder, while keeping the 3 point hitch live. I know there is a valve under the seat with a fitting to connect to but the valve must be turned which bypasses the 3 point hitch, leaving it in-operable, in other words I can choose to run one or the other but not both. I had the idea to tap into the pump line before it goes into the 3 point hitch valve and split the flow, but this is not working due to the bypass in both the hitch and the manual valve I installed. I can get the cylinder to work if I raise the 3 point hitch and operate the valve at the same time, but this does is not the way I need for it to work. I noticed on my newer machine B21 that at the pump there is a spliter where 2 lines come off the pump. I am thinking I need to do something similar to split the flow. Any ideas? Thanks Rick
do you have a loader installled on the b7100? and does you valve which you are trying to install have a power beyond port or simply a pump and tank ports?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Hi Kubota Kelly,

There is no loader on the tractor, and as far as I can tell there is simply a pump and tank port. The interesting thing there is a block about 6 inches from the pump where the steel hydraulic line is welded to. It has a cover plate that when removed has 2 O-rings and ports that seal the cover but there is no divider or checks or springs inside. As far as I can figure it serves no purpose. This seems like a logical spot to split the flow from the pump, and was hoping my dealer listed a different cover with a second port to divide the flow, but they seem to know nothing about it. The best they can offer is run the 2 functions seperatly by manually turning the diverter valve under the seat, but this wont do for my application, I need to operate hitch and cylinder at same time. Hope this sheads some light and not muddy up the water. Thanks. Rick

Ya unfortunately Kubota has always and still does run from the pump to the loader and then to the 3 point which creates the ugly situation of only being able to run one thing at a time. The block you speak of is for the loader valve which is why I asked if there was one installed. If you want to tap into there you need to get an adapter which bolts onto that block and has pipe to jic fittings to hook up lines. even if you tap off of there you will take almost all of the flow away from the 3 point causing it to not work properly unless of course you only use one at a time.
What you will want to do to split the flow is: Take one line from the block on your tractor run it to the pump "p" or "in" on your valve. The other hole on that block will need to be plugged off. Now run the tank or "out" from your valve to somewhere on the diff/tranny housing above the oil level there will be a pipe or ptfe plug which when removed will have nothing behind it, insert a fitting and this will be return to tank. You will have now have created two systems operated on one pump. Warning the system that requires more flow will take it and the other will slow down or stop. because both cylinders being operated are not equal one or both cylinders will always be slow.

Most often I see people installing another pump on the front crank pulley for this reason. Another idea would be to get a flow divider valve and run it in the system to split your flow equally. I know this isn't helping you but let me know if you need a diagram to clarify I will check the service manual and think of other ways to get you what you need.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks KK. I did as you suggested and it is working fine. No one had explained at the dealer that the block needed the port plugged so I carefully tapped out one for 1/4 " npt and put a plug in. The parts guy at my local Kubota dealer was saying because the tractor was so old it couldnt be done. There was one external plug in the block already so the new line was a snap. At the valve end I ran a new line from the PB port into the 3 pt hitch port on the tranny. It works great. Thanks again for making it clear, It almost was too obvious, now that I half understand the whole power beyond concept.