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I have a Ford 4000 Diesel Tractor 3 cyl. New Cav injector pump

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I have a Ford 4000 Diesel Tractor 3 cyl. New Cav injector pump installed ran about 16 hrs. Shut off from shutoff on the pump. Now it will not start, bleed lines and I have fuel everywhere to the injectors, None of the three lines to the injectors are getting fuel. Looked in the tank to check if the return lines was feeding fuel back and it was. Does this sound like the meterings rods are stuck or do I just need to continue to bleed the lines
Hello, I'm Dan and I will see if I can help. Did the machine have full power, not sluggish to the throttle? Is there a small screw on the side of the pump that might be used to bleed the galley of the pump? Please advise Thanks Dan
Hello Again, I have a picture of the bleeders in question, are you still trying to repair this machine. Please advise thanks Dan
Is this the style of pump your working with?graphic
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
no my pump does not have a lift pump
Hello, Okay do you see the bleeder plug in the picture located at the top of the injection pump? I know this isn't exactly what your looks like but is the set up close? Thanks Dan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
yes it is that type of pump, it has a bleeder screw on the side with a sort of sightglass underneath. That bleeder screw puts out a steady stream of fuel with no bubbles
Okay, I just wanted to make sure that is were your bleeding it from. Now we know the pump is full, when your bleeding the injectors the lines are removed but fuel isn't pulsating correct? Could it be possible the stop lever slipped on the shaft and didn't return the rack to fuel supply position? Thanks Dan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Right, it's not pulsating at all to the injectors, although it is pulsating through the bleeder screw. It is possible that stop lever has slipped off the shaft, but it would have to be internal (right)

Is this closer to what your working on?graphic

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
yes that's closer to what I have, mines have double filters but the pump is the same
Sorry I jumped back onto this post. Okay the picture is a 2000 model and yours is supposed to have two filters. It sounds to me like you did a good job of bleeding out the system, you could try a little more mabey a slight shot of ether to get the engine cranking faster. What I was trying to understand In your question your saying the fuel isn't going to the injectors, but is returning to tank via the leak off line. The leak off line only goes to the injectors correct, so then fuel would have to be going to the injectors i believe. You have the fuel at full throttle I'm sure when cranking, and as far as the linkage issues, if there isn't a set screw on the outer pump area, then it has to be under the top cover. since it was just rebuilt, there is the possibility it came loose or apart inside the pump. Can you have the shop that repaired it verify this. Also did you have the injectors rebuilt at the same time or at least checked? Thanks Dan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Well looking at the pump the leak off line is actually on the back side of the pump that goes from the pump to the tank. I did nut have the injectors looked at. but I will.   One more question, is it possible for this tractor to crank and run if the lines from the filter to the pump got crossed? this tractor has 2 filter and 2 line coming off this pump
graphicThis is a little bigger and newer pump, but a cav pump and similair to our. I sent a breakdown of the stop linkage under the cover, and the secographicgraphicnd part is the timing advance. I had a problem starting one once when this spool inside was jammed. Might not be our issue, just passing it along. Also probably not our issue but please check the screen in the inlet of the pump for contaminants. Would you perfer to speak with another tech? Thanks Dan
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
no I thank you have been very helpful. just wanted a second opinion before I spent another $350.00 to have it look at. thanks for the info and all the diagrams
Your welcome please visit with us again. Thanks Dan
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