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Jeremy, Mechanic
Category: Heavy Equipment
Satisfied Customers: 77
Experience:  3 Yrs Case, Massey Ferguson, & Mahindra exp. 5 Yrs New Holland exp. 4 Yrs. John Deere exp.
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i need to check the timing on a perkins d3.152 diesel where

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i need to check the timing on a perkins d3.152 diesel where are the timing marks found also the injector pump was removed but the timing gear was not moved after reinstalling a new injector pump doesnt want to start as there is a dowel pin location on the front of injector pump should i remove and rotate injector pump one turn will this make a difference and how many combinations (3 cylinder 3 times?)would this acheive the right timing
Hi, my name is Jeremy. What is the engine in?   Did the injection pump have a key in the shaft when you removed it out of the timing gear? If the injection pump is off an older unit it should have had a key in the injection pump shaft and if you reinstalled the pump with the key in shaft and made sure that the key went into the slot of the timing gear the unit should start and run, would not matter if engine was turned. If the injection pump is off a new engine say within 8 years then the pump shaft probably didnt have a key in the pump and the pump was to timed then locked down before removal of pump. If it is a newer lock timing pump you will have to take pump to injection pump shop and have injection pump locked timed. Then you will have to find top dead center of #1 piston might have to remove valve cover to see valves, then you will find a hole at the back of the engine that will be around 5/16 inch diameter or so where you stick a locking pin or a bolt that fits snuggly and the pin will go into a hole in the flywheel and this will be the postion that the engine will need to be in when you reinstall pump and tighten pump the loosen off pump lock.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
hi Jeremy the motor is on a irrigation pump, it is an older model. pump injection pump has a dowel on timing gear that should be aligned to so that i figure should be okay i have since noticed that it is sucking and exhausting through rear exhaust outlet while cranking is this right
What do you mean the rear exhaust? You have the exhaust manifold off and you can feel it sucking and pushing air out of it? If so then no this is not right, the exhaust valve on the cylinder is either stuck open or is burnt and not sealing properly. Will have to pull valve cover off and see if the rocker arm clearance is way off, if the clearance is way off then the valve is sticking you can try tapping of valve stem lightly to see if it will unstick. If the clearance is correct then you have a burnt valve.
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