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I fix oil blowing out blow by tube on a 3406E cat..turbo boost

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How do I fix oil blowing out blow by tube on a 3406E cat? The turbo boost is going up to 35 lbs of boost.

HiCustomer Welcome to JA, i am Buddy and i will try and help you. Sounds like you have to much crankcase pressure.This could be a couple differnt things. Bad turbo, worn rings,bad air compressor, or worn valve guides. Are you having any more symtoms? Smoking or running rough?Using in oil? Your local cat dealers should have a crankcase pressure tester that is quick and easy to check for crankcase pressure and then bypass things while hooked up.


One way i check without the tool to see if it is worn piston rings is, remove oil fill cap or dipstick and put my hand about a inch away and feel, if you can feel a pulsating feeling, it is normally a piston. If it is steady pressure, it is usually something else.If you have anymore questions, just ask. Thanks

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