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You put a John Deere 9520 motor in John Deere 9420 Tractor

Customer Question

Can you put a John Deere 9520 motor in John Deere 9420 Tractor?
Are there any complications?
Where can i find a New 12.5 9520 motor
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Heavy Equipment
Expert:  mike replied 8 years ago.

yes they are the same engine both are 12.5 , you can get a reman engine through deere. everything will bot to the engine use the ecu from the engine you are using.



Expert:  mike replied 8 years ago.

A reman has a 2 year warranty , we have had good luck with them. what happened to the other 12.5 engine.


I hope this helps



Expert:  mike replied 8 years ago.

I think I would not swap ecu controllers unless you have a code saying there is a problem. You shouldnt get that code but if you do swap ecu controllers.



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I took the tractor in for rods and mains. It had 5000 hrs since done last. It went from bad to worse. The bearings showed signs of anifreeze wearing to the bronze. One thing led to another. We had been adding a gallon of water every other day but did not think we had a problem because the overflow tank lid had a crack. Turned out every bearing,cam bushing,rod bushing was damaged. My luck not so good.

I really wanted to put a brand new motor in the tractor, the supplier that i have connections with could not get one for eight weeks. If you know of any place that would sell a new motor i would buy it over a reman. I could then get extended warranty.

The local Deere dealer wants 33000.00 for a reman and 4500.00 core.

I have a friend at a machine shop can get me a reman for 30000.00 with a 6000.00 core. Thats about 5000.00 dif. Two years ago my partner bought a new in the crate motor for 235000.00 I have exhausted all of the oem people that might have a new engine. Only a few of them will even consider selling me a engine. If i could find one a supplier in St louis would sell me one.


Please call me
Expert:  mike replied 8 years ago.

I am about 173 miles from st louis let me check. you could drive here but the reman has a 2 year no problem warranty. I can see what we get for one if you want to pick it up. I know we will need the other engine for a core. I think the overhaul kit is about. 10,000. I can see what we get on one if you would like..


I know we have just a water pump take pout the whole engine before, bearing went out and tore up every gear in the engine. They block out your number so I can't read it to call. let me know back here and I will try to help.



Expert:  mike replied 8 years ago.

I checked with the parts man and he said 31 thousand and some change. It had a $5500 core charge . Please excuse my typing in the previous post, when I type on my laptop I think my fingers go numb.


As far as a new complete engine I didn't price one because it would have been higher. Another thing you might consider, with most deere parts if the customer puts it on you have a 90 warranty.


If the dealer puts it on you have a 1 year warranty. The point is, if you are doing this yourself, you might check into the warranty.