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Category: Heavy Equipment
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2005 International 4300 with Dt466, the truck stalls

Customer Question

I have a 2005 International 4300 with a Dt466, the truck will run fine for hours then it will stall.... like the exhaust is suddenly plugged or the fuel was just shut down to it, it has a new high pressure pump, o-rings on the rail, new fuel filter, new filter housing o-ring and cap, cleaned the pre-filter, scanned for cods... No codes which tells me its not a sensor or wiring problem? right? Ive been reading a lot tonight about the fuel pressure regulator and a check ball?? could you please give me your opinion and elaborate on the regulator and check ball.

Already Tried:
changed the High Pressure oil pump, fuel filter, high pressure o-rings in the rack, filter housing cover, pre filter strainer, cleaned the tanks, replaced all fuel line o-rings, replaced the EGR Valve and the Waste Gate Accuator

Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Heavy Equipment
Expert:  Jason replied 8 years ago.

I can try and assist you with your problem. I have a few questions for you also.

The fuel pressure regulator is a spring with a check ball inside of a brass fitting mounted normally on the fuel filter housing. It is the return side of the fuel system..all it does is hold pressure in the rail and primitively regulates the fuel back to the tank keeping positive pressure in rail. This may not be a fuel related problem, and could be a high pressure oil circuit fault..

Does the tractor fire back up right away when it dies, or do you have to let it sit for awhile? Do you still have access to A SCAN TOOL? Is there any external leaks on motor? Did you check and clean your tank vent line? Would also check lines for air leaks from tank to engine. Does it die at a certain fuel level, like half a tank?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Yes we have the new Nexiq with international software installed... The truck does start right back up most all the time except last night it had to sit for nearly an hour until it would restart, then it idles fine, in neutral it will accelerate fine and will hold 2200 RPM for long periods of time but will occasionally shudder and or falter. We looked at the Data Stream from the cam sensor, injectors, injector control pressure, all appears well?? 1900 psi at the rail, no active or inactive codes... Has to be a mechanical ?? This one has me stumped.. We are experienced and Certified Diesel Techs.... But I've never seen this before? Seems nothing is out of range though this problem continues every day???

Expert:  Jason replied 8 years ago.
Ok, I have a few suggestions, if you can get the truck to shut down and not restart, hook up the scan tool and crank engine, you will want to monitor icp desired pressure to icp actual, should be in the hard start-no start part of program..also monitor engine rpm while cranking. Make sure its reading the cam sensor..if the injection control pressure starts low (like 100 and slowly starts building higher as you crank or won't build at all its most likely the injection pressure control regulator in the pump ( for the high pressure oil circuit) or most definetly a split top injector o-ring. I have seen these trucks run great when cold and as the oil temp and engine get hot and the oil is thinner it will start to lose oil out the top oring on injector causing the oil in the rail to aereate creating hard starts, no starts, and engine cutouts. Also with the scan tool do a standard key on engine off test. This will check your actuators like the ipr valve and test functions. Also when truck dies, try manually pumping the fuel transfer pump to see if it has resistence, if you can tell its pumping fuel with plunger after it died you know your not loosing prime, just a quick check on the fuel system. You should have 65 psi abouts in the fuel rail. But this engine will run on lower pressure than that. You can also pull the regulator out and check the spring and ball operation, make sure its intake and no debris is holding the ball stuck. If you find you are loosing prime, put a clear piece of tubing in line before fuel pump to check for air bubbles, may have a cracked stand pipe, loose/cracked fuel supply fitting or bad fuel shutoff valve. My gut feeling is injector oring, if this engine has over 200000 miles its probably due for injectors. I seen em go at 100000 fyi. Sorry it took so long to get back, had to pull a double shift today. Please let me know if you have more questions, or instruction on how to do tests. Ill be at the computer now most the weekend and will be checking thanks Jason Also I have checked oil supply rails to injectors by supplying regulated air pressure to injectors from pump dont need much, if you have a split oring on the injector (the top one usually splits) you will see oil coming up around the bad injector..I would recommend re oringing them all if this is the case, the other ones will be sure to follow.
Jason and 2 other Heavy Equipment Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I found the problem, it was a broken wire to the ICP intermittently loosing contact and shutting down, the periods of time to wait and restart was coincidental... after the replacement of the pigtail wire from the harness to the ICP the problem has went away now for 2 consecutive days, which is the longest this truck has ran consistently in over a week!!

I do appreciate your help and expert advice and will bookmark this web page for future use.

Expert:  Jason replied 8 years ago.


I am surprised you did not receive a code for this. I have also seen the ipr and camshaft sensors weep oil into the connector and create problems also.