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Bobcatech, Technician
Category: Heavy Equipment
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Experience:  Repairing Bobcats and other Compact Equipment since 1990, now Independent Mobile Service Technician.
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I have a bobcat 773 with electrical problems. I turn the ignition

Resolved Question:

I have a bobcat 773 with electrical problems. I turn the ignition switch to on and I would get a click and the two red lights, then went to start and nothing. Cycled the switch back off and back to on and no lights or anything as if there is no juice at all. I checked and charged the battery and replaced the ignition switch (the part the key goes in) and rechecked all connections to no avail. The headlights will not come on in any switch position either. I checked all fuses and they appear to be in good shape. I noticed the negative terminal and lead on the battery getting warm when the key was left in the on position and warm to the touch with the key off, seems like a short. No indication of power to the system.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Heavy Equipment
Expert:  Bobcatech replied 8 years ago.

Hey Brian....


Sounds like you have checked all the right stuff, time to check the start circuit and starter.


I do this by using a piece of wire at the starter, jump from the large lug to the start post, which is the smallest wire on your starter. It should be white/green. If there are two tan wires, the start wire is the larger one of the two.


If you have power from your battery going to the large lug on your starter, and you jump fro that large lug to the start terminal on your starter, the starter should spin. Make sure the key is in the off position here and be careful, that the engine does not start and the machine does not move on its own....=).


If the starter does not spin, you either have a bad starter, or the engine is siezed up someway. Usually a starter problem, and the simplest and fastest thing to do is replace it.


If the starter does spin, the problem is in the start circuit, there is no power coming down the start wire to your starter, but get a helper and a test light and double check that. There is a fuse, as you know, and a start realy, and wire that could be broken anywhere along the way.


Probably the starter, sounding like to me and in my experience, get back if you need more help.

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