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Have a JD 4020. The 3 point hitch control does not raise the

Customer Question

Have a JD 4020. The 3 point hitch control does not raise the arms. Read IT shop manual, paragraph 127 - Control Valve Adjustment. Is there another way to set up/adjust the operating hinges when you don't have the JD adjusting tools. My JD dealer told me it would cost $1250 for them to do it. I'm not sure they really knew how; at least it didn't sound like they did. All I'm really after is for the 3 point to lift equipment ie a 8' snow blower in my case. I tried a little trial and error but could not get it to work right. Hyd oil is being set to the line to the cylinder but only 50-60 lbs pressure is produced.

Thks for any help!

Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Heavy Equipment
Expert:  dieseltech replied 8 years ago.


I'm not sure what the IT manual says but I'm thinking that you need a tool to turn the adjustment inside the trans case. I have welded a 9/16 socket I think it is on a rod or just used a long exstension and taped the socket on so that it will not fall into trans case. Try moving the load and depth lever that is by you feet towards the back or side depending on the model year and see if that doesnt make it raise.


Hope that helps


any more questions please ask


Please accept answer so that I may get credit



Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Your answer does not address the problem. The hinges which control the valves require the JD tool and are setup with a dial indicator. A clearance of .007 is the correct clearance to get the hyds to work. Without the tool I don't see any way to set the clearance. The IH manual says it is impossible to set up without the JD jig.

The control you reference sets the height of the arms after it is operational.


I was hoping some ingenius old timer had a way of setting the clearance.


Thks anyway for the response but I can't accept your response. Tom