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I have a John Deere 1010 Crawler Loader and I..backhoe..hydraulics

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Hello, I have a John Deere 1010 Crawler Loader and I recently bought a backhoe attachment for it. The backhoe attachment has large hyd. quick couplers to hook it up, and my jd 1010 has a scarifier attachment on it now, and it has the hydraulics plumbed right into the crawler.
Where do I get matching quick couplers and how or where do I plumb them in? I would like to be able to switch between the 2 attachments as needed of course. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me, Larry Cady.
A local John Deere dealer should be able to match up couplings to the ones you already have, then you will have to adapt them to the hoses on your backhoe attachment with various adapters and the such. Again, your local dealer should be able to assist with the identification and modifications to install the couplers on the hoses on your implement. You will probably want to mark, then remove and bring the hoses with you(not sure what hose ends you may have, they could be JIC, pipe, boss fittings...)
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The current attachment does Not have a quick disconnect at all. it is hard plumbed into the crawler, I'm assuming it was installed at the factory. I was already going to stop at the John Deere Dealer on Monday when it is open. I was hoping to gain some insight into how to hook into the hydraulic system on the crawler and provide matching quick connects to the ones that are already on the backhoe attachment that I just bought. I suppose the John Deere dealer might help me with that too, I don't know, but he may just try to sell me all new equipment? I guess I'll find out Monday. Larry
The "hard lines" will have ot be removed form the machine, and in place, bulkhead connectors with quick connectors matching what is on the backhoe.. you will most likely have to get hoses made up to run from where the lines actually connect to the machine out to where you can easily get to them, and then, on the current attachment, mating quick connect to what is on the backhoe.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Ok, well, I guess I can figure it out. I will definitely learn by doing. I haven't messed with Hydraulics all that much but I do have a general understanding of it. So I'm assuming I will have to find the high pressure line that feeds the crawler mounted control valve for the current attachment, break into that, and install the matching quick connects, and then do the same for the return line. Does that sound correct? And if it does, do I have to have some way of temporarily capping off the open lines so that I don't have hydraulic fluid leaking all over? I attached a couple of pic's of the project in case you might see something I overlooked. Thanks, LarrybackhoeCrawler
Would you be able to get a picture at the hydraulic pump and one of the valve body? it would be best if you could include in that some of the lines going to them as well
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Well the pump is mounted in front of the engine and can't be seen, but in one of these pic's I show the lower rear and there is 2 large lines going under the crawler, well I know from the manual that the one on the left feeds the pump, and the one on the right is the high pressure line that feeds the multiple control valves. I will try to name each picture to hopefully describe each one. Thank's Larry.Lines going to the pump
The feed line coming from the Hyd. Tank,
Feed line coming from the Hyd Tank
The control valve assy
The control valve assy
the hose behind the steel lines is the high pressure to the valve bank assy
high pressure feed to valve assy
another pic of the high pressure line going to the valve assy,
high presure line to the valve body
the Hyd. Tankthe hyd tank
the control levers,
the control levers
I've got more pics but it won't let me add any more, Larry

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I'll try to add the rest in this message, Larry
the control levers
the feed line coming from the tank going to the pump,
feed line from tank to pump
pic of the current attachment,
the current attachment

Ok, the feed line into the valve body (the high pressure form the pump) will be one of the lines you will need to tap into and put a high pressure hose on, and then the line running from the valve body to the tank(return line) is the other one you will have to connect your backhoe to.

You could utilize as valve such as this to select between the valve body or the backhoe, but I don't think its necessary as you will be removing one or the other to use one anyhow, so I still think an arrangement using quick connects would be the easiest

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
OK, thank You for your help, (and wish me luck, well, I think I'll get thru it ok) Larry Cady
no problem :) I'll try and keep this one open should you need more advice
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thanks for that, I will follow up with you either way. Larry
Just checking on the progress... I see the timer is ticking down