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Rick Morrow
Rick Morrow, Technician
Category: Heavy Equipment
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Experience:  30 years in auto, marine and industrial heavy duty diesel industry. Tech, Parts & Service Mgr.
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I have a 70s ford backhoe that I thought had a bad torque converter

Resolved Question:

I have a 70s ford backhoe that I thought had a bad torque converter because it wouln't push well. I pulled engine and found that the spool on front of tranny would only move about a quarter inch and I think it's not shifting properly. After screwing off the nut and sleeve on the detent , I still can't move spool. Please help
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Heavy Equipment
Expert:  Rick Morrow replied 8 years ago.
On the 555 Ford behind the torque converter is the forward and reverse hydroulic clutches. Usually when the transmission weakens this is the culprit. The first thing to check(after fluid levels) is the linkage, make sure the linkage is moving the lever all the way forward and reverse. Operating the machine with the linkage out of adjustment can burn the cluth discs. Worn or burnt clutch discs slip, causing a severe loss of power. The clutches are engaged by hydraulic pressure, so if the seals leak, the clutch disc will burn.
Signs of this problem sometimes will be noticed when the direction selcetor is moved from N to forward, the machine creeps backwards, or the other way around.
The clutches are feed through external lines that sometimes leak. You can see them if you already have your engine and torque convertor off. If not they can be seen by removing the fuel tank and transmission cover.
The clutch packs are fairly simple to overhaul excecpt for the carbon seals on the very tip of the pump drive. These are very easily damaged on reassembly.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I am replacing the engine with a rebiult and that's the main reason i'm in there. It just seemed to me that if that spool that moves back and forth to shift from forward to reverce maybe was not throwing far enouph what with warn linkage and such. I thought maybe the detent was screwed up or something. I took the big nut off the one end of the shifter spool and it still only moves a quarter inch. This may not be a problem. I was also told that the shift rod would not function unless tranny is turning under power. Thanks
Expert:  Rick Morrow replied 8 years ago.
Your original problem stated that the machine did not push well.
If you were experiencing this due to the engine problems you may not have an issue with the direction clutches.
My advise is to check them while you have the engine out. It is a decision that you will have to make as the parts are somewhat expensive. But consider that you already have the engine out and would not want to put it back together and find that it must be taken apart again.
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I agree and accept but I am still stuck on this shift spool. I also want to make sure that is working properly.
Expert:  Rick Morrow replied 8 years ago.
I apologize for not addressing the spool movement.
The spool will not move wiht out the machine running.
So the movement that you are getting is not an issue.