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Bobby Long
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We have a bobcat t200 with joy stick controls, the first problem

Customer Question

We have a bobcat t200 with joy stick controls, the first problem arised when the tilt control work slowly, as the machine warmed up seemed the control of the tilt worked little faster but not like it should. Then is started when you went to use the joy control you actually had to move it real slow for the tilt section to work and if you would move the control in normal activity like you should it would kick the ACS light on and the control would quite working, the only way you could regain hydraulic control was to shut down and restart the systeml. To make long story short they brought the machine in the shop and started to trouble shoot the system figuring there might be short of some kind. they have taken the pump out check it and removed the actuators figuring there might be problem with that. found no faults they assembled the acutators back on the pump and reinstalled the pump. Still same factor but know hyd.this time. chk code 32-34 actuator not in nuetral. resest sys. still same
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Heavy Equipment
Expert:  Bobby Long replied 8 years ago.

Hello , Im Bobby


I would switch the 2 actuators , and then try it, If the code stays the same then the problem is with your spool its self sticking, But if the code changes to lift actuator not in neutral then the problem is that actoutor. I have put on many of these actuators, They are the down fall to the bobcat name.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
We have change the actuators around still there was no change same code, we returned the actuators back to the original position and no change still same and ACS light stays on constantly. So you are saying the spool is sticking or is my actuator faulty. Next question, there acs fuse getting supply from battery straight fuse 25 amp 1180 wire leading out on 1170 where does it go we do not have schematic. I was thinking we might have short in the system. Reason we are asking this question is that wire 1180 is showing grd and sometimes is not. could this be because faulty actuator causing this. there are 3 soleniods on this pump and none are getting any voltage to them. We are little strapped with this situtation so anything will help your answer the make good sense but I'm trying to get more clarification on this I'll make it worth while
Expert:  Bobby Long replied 8 years ago.

I will have to see if I can get a wiring diagram from a friend of mine thjat still works for the bobcat dealer that I worked for in the past.


If you switched the actuators and the code stayed the same,. Then I am going to say the spool itself is stuck or sticking, If you remove the actuator you should be able to stroke the spool by hand back and force to see if it is sticking or stuck. I have seen alot more actuators and spool problems then wiring problems on these loaders. But thats not saying that this is not a wiring problem.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Sir, we have work the spool back and forth did't seem like nothing was sticking they seemed to work freely. The manual is very vague about trouble shooting systems it has more remove and replace components section than trouble shooting I will accept your answers but please stay with me on this I'm grasping at straw's I kind of feel that it could be electronically defencies. Thanks for the help very much appreciated.

Expert:  Bobby Long replied 8 years ago.

Hello again.


I should have a wiring diagram tomorrow, and be able to tell you more, But just going by memory there are 4 wires going to each actuator. 2 of the wires controls the motor of the actuator , them wires will reverse polarity depending on which way the spool is moving.


The other 2 wires are actuator position sensor wires that will tell the loaders computer where the actuator is,


I will give you some more info tomorrow when I get the diagram.


And you don't have to accept the answer till you completely satisfied.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Okay Sir I will just wait until you find a schematic, I feel we are getting closer. I appreciate your help But I'm not sure I mistakenly give a wrong no# XXXXX the wire thanks again.