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My peterbilt 379 truck just clicks to start truck..solinoid..cables

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my peterbilt 379 truck just clicks to start truck, i put in a new starter, solinoid,new positive negative cables ,and starter push botton and it still just clicks

Hello, my name isXXXXX will try to help.. do you have a volt meter? whats the batteries say before and during start attempt??



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
batteries are charged also had a 200 amp charger hooked to it, if i put wrench on starter posts sparks fly and push button starts truck

Hello, thank you for that, the small wire to the solenoid,How many volts are going to it when you push the button, some of these had a solenoid up on the drivers side fireway inside the engine compartment, some were in the battery box, do you see one? It would be most likley round with 2 big posts and 1 or 2 little ones



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
i replaced that solinoid on the firewall and I don't know the volts or amps going through the wire.

If you can jump the big power wire to the little solenoid wire at the starter, and it starts then the small wire is not getting 12 v from the solenoid, because when you jump it at the starter all you are doing is giving the little wire 12v from the big wire with your tool. so back at the push button, check the power side of the push button, does it have 12v, if it doesnt problem between it and the key switch, or power to the key switch.. if you do have 12v at the push button, then put your meter on the other side of the push button and push it, see if a whole 12v gets through it, if it does then check the small wire on the firewall solenoid,( one will be ground) see if it gets a full 12v when you push the button.,... if it does then check the power side big post of the firewall solenoid, see if it has 12v, if it does, then check the other side of the firewall solenoid for 12v when you hit the button.. if all is still good, then check the small wire at the starter, and see if it gets 12v when you hit the button, ( we know it shouldnt, because when you jumped it and gave it 12v it satrted) let me know what you find.



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