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northern mechanic
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Kubota..the clutch, pressure plate,throw out bearing..shifting

Customer Question

Have a 2002 Kubota L-35 bought brand new. I am the ONLY person that operates it. At 274 hours, just past the first year of ownership, the clutch, pressure plate,throw out bearing failed AND shifting rails had to be replaced. I use the clutch every time I make a gear change. Repairs cost $3200 and when Kubota saw the parts, gave me $800 towards it. Transmission w/ forward & reverse on left of steering .wheel/ eight speed gear selection. Now have 384 hours on unit and when I depress the clutch, tractor keeps moving. What is happening ? REALLY worried whats wrong now ! Please advise. Thanks..Tom L. New Kensington, Pa
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Heavy Equipment
Expert:  Tim replied 8 years ago.
Hi Tom, My name isXXXXX have a quick question, did it just all of a sudden not diengae the clutch when you stepped on it or has it been getting harder over time to get the clutch to release??
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Seems like was fine for quite some time, then I noticed was not disengaing no matter what I tried. Have never adjusted the clutch, not even the first time that when it failed and it barely moved before taking it to Kubota dealership where it was repaired. Basically little by little came to this point where it finally won't disengage Shifting into nuetral will stop the tractor.
Expert:  Tim replied 8 years ago.
Yea Sounds like it might be a clutch adjustment or linkage adjustment, Try to follow down the linkage to the trans and see what you see. Do you know if it is a hydraulic clutch, if it is you will see a slave cyl on the clutch housing, and there will be Hydraulic lines comming from your pedal. If it does then there should be a place to add fluid,If the level gets too low you will pick up air and it wont actuate the slave cyl at the clutch housing. You could fill up the fluid and have someone hold the pedal down and if ther is a bleed screw you can crack that other systems you can crack the line. I just dont know this system out of my mind, I would have to see it to know more, I will relist this for you, and one of the Other great experts on this site should pick it up and know more EXACTS about your unit..but this will give you a place to look so you can give more information to the next guy , Iif reply with what you see, then that will help too.
Expert:  northern mechanic replied 8 years ago.

hi im ricky im very furmilar with ur unit used to work on kubota, first thing i want u to check is ur free play on clutch it should be 1.5 inch to 2 inches, u can check this with the tape messure and put it beside the clutch pedal and press it till u feel a bit of resistance if need adjust you needi think its 14 mm wrench and u should see a turn buckel on left side with 2 jamm nut turn that turn bukel in till you get ur 1.5 to 2 inchs free play,

if u dont feel any restance then unfortntly it will have to be split something has broke on ur fork and release bearing.

if u do feel resetance and free play is good than ur disc is froze on fly wheel u can try to free it by locking ur breaks up while pedals down and high gear. if can not free it up you have to split it

i hope this helps u


Expert:  northern mechanic replied 8 years ago.
hi just wondering if i could help u anymore