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Category: Heavy Equipment
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fuel injection pump and set pump timing on a 2001 7.8 diesel

Customer Question

how do i remove and install fuel injection pump and set pump timing on a 2001 7.8 diesel
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Heavy Equipment
Expert:  txbigcat replied 8 years ago.
Dennis, Thanks for your question. the high pressure pump on the 7.3 Power stroke is not too hard to replace. first drain and remove the fuel filter housing, disconnet the lines from the high pressure pump, these are the stainless braided lines from each cylinder head. you can use a trim tool or a thin plate wrench like comes with a die grinder or other air tool. slide the black rubber up to release and pull. remove the cover on front of timing cover and position the tube for the ebp sensor aside. remove bolt on gear. on pump unplug the 2 wire connector on the pressure regulator. remove the stamped steel washer, and remove spacer and coil from regulator. This will allow you to slide a deep socket onto and remove the regulator. then remove the 2 10mm bolts 1 on each sie of the pump. then the pump will slide out the back. To install the new pump new gasket with some grease to keep it from sliding out of poistion reinstall the 10mm mounting bolts torque to 18 ft lbs. clean and inspect pressure regulator. install pump gear bolt torque to 95 ft lbs. apply sealant to the front cover plate and reinstall. attach stainless lines. reintall fuel filter housing.There is no timing to worry about be cause all the pump does is supply high pressure oil to the injectors. Timing is controlled by the pcm and injector driver module. Any assisance I can provide just let me knos. Thanks
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

this site is crazy!!


for the last time it is a Isuzu 7.8 2001.... not a ford power stroke