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John, Technician
Category: Heavy Equipment
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Experience:  20 years in a John Deere; Ag,Ind,forestry and Bobcat dealership,12 in my own shop
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773 Bobcat having hydralic problems trying to lift and tilt

Resolved Question:

773 Bobcat having hydralic problems trying to lift and tilt bucket only. Sometimes it works then stops. Fluid & filters are in good condition. any ideas
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Heavy Equipment
Expert:  John replied 8 years ago.

It is going to be hard to find if it is an intermittent problem.

If the valve light is not on it will not work.

Had one of these that the big plug in that goes in the bottom of the interlock control system was loose. If you pull on the bottom of the plug and it comes out, it was not snapped in. You should have to undo the clasp that locks it in before it will come out.

If that does not do it then it is either wiring trouble or a bad solenoid. Have had more wiring problems than bad solenoids. the solenoid is in the middle of the hydraulic control valve.

The hydraulic valve is on the right side of the machine under the cab. Get the machine to work then remove the bucket and get the arms up enough to put the orange safety in, then flip the cab. ( 2 nuts in front corners ). Flip the cab until the safety lock snaps into place, it is on the right side also. turn the key on and put the seat bar down. without starting, and check the light. have somebody look at the light while you wiggle the wires by the valve. sometimes you will find where the wire has been rubbing, check the connector on the solenoid that it is clasped. Same thing down here as at the controller, you should not be able to pull the connectors apart without undoing the clasp.

If there are no wiring issues you will need to get a test light and find out which of the two wires is the hot one and when the light goes out find out if there still juice at the solenoid. if there is juice there with the light out the solenoid is bad.

Thanks John

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