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Category: Heavy Equipment
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Experience:  35 years experience journeyman mechanic transport truck and trailer including off road equipment
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I have a semi with a power steering problem..catches..Gear box

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I have a semi with a power steering problem. Wheel is hard to turn and it catches as I turn. Gear box was replaced over a year ago and I put a new pump on today, but, still have the same problem.
hi there

you had hard steering before you replaced the pump

what make of steering box is it

what have you tried
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I think the gear box is a trw model and I had it replaced with a reman unit in Dec 2007. Its been working fine until this week. It's hard to turn and it's like it keeps hitting a rough spot as I turn the wheel. I put new pump on today but that didn't fix a thing. There are no leaks or anything. I'm stumped.
hi there
i could indeed have been the pump

did you try turning the steering wheel to the stops and try to turn it more so that the fluid by passes then the other way
past the stop till the pump by passes
there is probably air in the system and you have to get it out

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hmmm well I didn't do it quite like that, but I'll try that in the morning and see if it helps. Maybe I just gave up to soon. Thanks for the advice.

thats what it sounds like to me that there is air in the system

i beleive that there is a bleeder on that steering box as well but i do not have my books here to tell me

you will have to crank it all the way and you will hear it by pass then to the other side till you hear it by pass check your fluid the do it again
it may take a few time these are sometimes stubborn to bleed
short of that its the gear box again

but i do beleive air
it was mt pleasure to help you
if you have any questions please ask
have a great night don
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